Thursday, April 5, 2018

What Is The PBMI?

Indian History in the Pala Valley can get complicated.  There were Pala Luiseno living in the Pala area prior to The Agua Caliente Cupeno Removal of 1903.

After the Agua Caliente Cupeno Removal in May of 1903 a separate lawsuit against the San Felipe Indians worked its way through the courts.  In October of 1903 the San Felipe Indians were also moved to Pala.

As the allotment process began some other Indians not associated with either the Pala Luiseno, Warner Ranch Evictee Agua Caliente Cupeno, or the San Felipe Diegueno began to show up and got allotments..

There has always been tension between these groups particularly when it came to land use, allotments, and later on, membership.

The official name of Pala on the Federally Recognized list of Indian Tribes was Pala Band of Luiseno Mission Indians of the Pala Reservation.  That name got changed illegally to Pala Band of Mission Indians (PBMI).

So what is the PBMI?  Luiseno?  Cahuilla?  San Felipe?  Yaqui?  Cupeno?

What are the People at Pala now?  Is it just one group?  Have all the other tribes been terminated?


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, it is whatever Robert Smith says. That will change one day, and hopefully soon.

Anonymous said...

How does Remijio Lugo get to be on Pala roll when he on Morongo census rolls.

العاب فلاش برق said...

thanks the position of the sites

Anonymous said...

The real question is why doesn't the Chairman correct the Rolls and take the Lugo's off of the Rolls of the Pala Band.
It's because he himself doesn't belong on the Pala Bands Rolls.
So everyone just sits back and settles for a 10,ooo dollar a month check when it should be 20,000 dollars a month.
Where is the extra 13 million dollars a month going to?
If you figure out the fake numbers that are given at the meetings
the numbers do not match.
Even with those fake numbers the members should be getting at least 15,000 per month.
That's an awful lot of money that's being hidden from the Tribe.
But nobody seems to care and continue to kiss the asses of the EC.

Anonymous said...

Roberts Grandfather was a citizen Indian because he gave up his rights so he could be a property owner.
This means that any and all blood line which his Grandfather had "STOPS" and can not be passed down through the ages.
Also Roberts mother did not know who her father was so she is considered half white, these are Roberts own rules that he used against the Britten Family for disenrollment.
So with his Grandfathers being a citizen Indian and his Mother not knowing who her father was he has no Indian blood line connecting him to the Cupeno's and should not be sitting on the Pala EC as the
Tribal Chairman and his kids also can not claim the blood degree of their Great Grandfather.
But yet all the people are to chicken shit to act on this and get him out. So who's fault is that he is sitting on the EC like a little
Look in the "MIRROR.