Monday, August 4, 2014

The Fight Against Online Gaming Continues

Efforts to legalize online poker in California seem to have stalled a bit though most are still optimistic of getting a bill past in the next year or two.  The forces against online gaming, namely Sheldon Adelson and the Senators he has bought, continue their efforts to make online gambling illegal at the Federal Level.  The article below outlines the current tack Adelson's Senators are taking: - Senators Appeal to DoJ for Reinterpretation of Wire Act



Three US senators have written to Attorney General Eric Holder, appealing to him to support the Restoration of America’s Wire Act. The bill, introduced earlier this year, seeks to outlaw all forms of online gambling at a federal level by adopting a previous interpretation of US gambling law. The Federal Wire Act of 1961, which was created as a means to stop organized crime from trafficking, failed to predict of the advent of the Internet age, and so leaves a lot to interpretation as to how it relates to online gambling.
Senator Lindsey Graham, along with Diane Feinstein and Kelly Ayotte, believe that online poker is “bound to” prey on children and society’s most vulnerable.

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I guess the tribes better start throwing money at Graham, Feinstein, and Ayotte or else online gambling may become illegal across the entire United States.  Or does Tribal Sovereignty Trump the Federal Government's Sovereignty?  Be interesting to watch what happens at Santa Ysabel now that they have started offering Online Poker.  What will the government do if anything?

Santa Ysabel Tribe Answers Queries Regarding

Californian Online Poker A Catalyst For US Expansion


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