Saturday, May 24, 2014

Meeting Update

As far as I have been able to confirm what happened last night was the following:

The 11 members of the Interim Committee were stripped of their voting rights for life, cannot attend tribal meetings, and cannot hold office.

I can't seem to get the exact vote so if anyone knows let me know.

I was told the vote was 178 Yes to 124 No.

Anything beyond that I do not know.  I don't know if there was any discussion.

I am sure there will be various rumors.  I don't know if the vote was electronic or by hand.  Some have said there was an issue with vote counting.  I can't verify that at all.  Some say only some people got the meeting notice and not others.  I can't verify that either.

There could have possibly been some confusion since Robert did send out a letter saying the May 17th Emergency Meeting was illegal and it would be dealt with at the next General Council meeting, June 11th.  Then Howard Maxcy called the emergency meeting to "deal" with the Interim Committee.    So I guess some people could have gotten confused.

But close to 300 people at a meeting is a pretty good turn out.  Does anyone have an exact number for the turn out?

In the meanwhile the push for online poker in California continues:

LA Times - Will PokerStars be dealt out of legalized online poker in California?


So the April 23 discussion before the Governmental Organization Committee was filled with talk about California's "tremendously competent regulators," and how to keep unspecified "bad actors" out of California gaming, and how legislators should avoid "picking winners and losers."

These were code words for the most explosive issue still dividing California's Indian tribes — whether PokerStars should be allowed to participate. Since legalization depends almost entirely on what the tribes want, it's not a trivial matter.

The state's poker interests basically have coalesced into two groups. The one group is made up of the Pechanga Band of LuiseƱo Indians, which owns California's largest casino; the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians; and the Agua Caliente, Pala and other tribes. The second group comprises the Morongo Band of Mission Indians, whose huge casino is located just northwest of Palm Springs; and the Bicycle, Commerce and Hawaiian Gardens card clubs. They've made a deal with PokerStars to run their online game.

Read More Here - LA Times - Will PokerStars be dealt out of legalized online poker in California?

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