Sunday, August 30, 2015


Seems all Pala's EC does anymore is evict people.  Warner Ranch Indians got evicted from Kupa.  They got disenrolled by mostly non-Cupeno.  And now they are being evicted again.

Kenny Johnson and Gina Howard are both Margarita Brittain descendants.  Must be just a coincidence they are being targeted for eviction.

I cannot speak for the other people named on the agenda because I do not know them.  But I can say there is no reason to evict Kenny and Gina other than pure spite on the part of Robert Smith.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Remijo Lugo - Teamster

Remijo Lugo was one of the teamsters that helped remove the San Felipe Indians and relocate them to Pala in September 1903.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Pala Poker In The News

Pala Poker Waiting On PokerStars Before Entering US Market

Pala Poker is holding off on paying the ante in New Jersey, and while the company launched its casino product in November of last year, it believes following PokerStars’ anticipated entry in the third-quarter of 2015 is a more opportune time to debut.

“We will offer Pala Poker in the New Jersey market, but we’ll do it after PokerStars launches,” Jim Ryan, Pala Interactive CEO told recently. “PokerStars has taken the position that when they come into the market they’ll increase consumer awareness and the market will grow; we can only hope that that’s accurate.”

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Monday, August 10, 2015

California Online Poker May Get August Vote - American Indians, Tracks, Card Rooms To Press For Online Poker Despite Pechanga Coalition

Aiming for August vote on poker bill

The San Manuel and Morongo Mission Indians, the Rincon and Pala LuiseƱo Indians and the United Auburn Indian Community are aligned with Amaya/PokerStars and card rooms in a strong effort to get an online poker bill out of the 2015 session.
The horse racing industry and its organized labor is moving on a similar but parallel track, with all the stakeholders hoping to overcome political opposition from the Pechanga and Agua Caliente group.
“This is the biggest coalition yet behind Internet poker,” said Robyn Black of Eclipse Government Affairs, a lobby for the racing industry.
“If we get consumer groups you’re going to see the coalition grow. If it isn’t a success in 2015 it will be a force in 2016.”

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Friday, August 7, 2015

Robert Smith - Chairman of the Luisenos

It appears Pala has two chairmen - Robert Smith Chairman of the Pala Band of Mission Indians and Robert Smith Chairman of the Luiseno Indians.  Inside Pala, Robert Smith is known as the Chairman of the Pala Band of Mission Indians.  Outside Pala when conducting business such as internet gaming Robert Smith is known as the Chairman of the Pala Luisenos.  BIA Pacific Regional Director Amy Dutschke when conducting business with Robert Smith in 2014 refers to him as Chairman, Pala Band of Luiseno Mission Indians.  The letter below seems to indicate Robert Smith Chairman of the Luisenos is seeking to add more land to Old Pala.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Cross-Post How Tribal Leaders and Their Cohorts Can Steal Money From Tribal Members

This was posted at Original Pechanga Blog.  This is just an excerpt!  There's more here:  Full Article How Tribal Leaders and Their Cohorts Can Steal Money From Tribal Members

How Tribal Leaders and Their Cohorts Can Steal Money From Tribal Members

A first entry from guest blogger Free Range Indian is a piece on how tribal members can get bilked by tribal leaders and the gaming business entity for the tribe.  A primer of what can happen.

How do Tribal Leaders and Their Cohorts Steal So Much Money FROM YOU
First of all let us understand that even a trained monkey can run a casino. There is no genius involved. You put a machine in the middle of the floor. People put money in it. You collect the money. It is after the money is collected that the problem begins. One rule to remember here, Crooks go where the money is. It is very hard to be a thief when there is nothing to steal.

he first order of business is the development of policies that favor theft. Re-written constitutions and ordinances that only your attorney can understand and what they understand is that you have surrendered all you authority to them. Adoption of Management Agreements that are designed to get around the provisions of the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (IGRA) If there was ever a piece of legislation that legalized theft in Indian Country IGRA is it. IGRA is responsible for so many violations of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) because it does not provide for real oversight, investigative powers and authority or enforcement over Indian Gaming. By the time the attorneys and lobbyist were done with IGRA it was full on open season in Indian Country.
So let’s get down to the nitty gritty then. 

How does the theft occur?

Manipulation of definitions as to what Net Profit and Gross Profit mean are the first order of business. Any time you question what the net earnings were for your casino there is never a straight answer and you are deemed as stupid for not understanding the financial report. So you have an Indian Gaming Authority (IGA) approved Tribal Revenue Allocation Plan (TRAP). It is supposed to protect you from dishonesty and allow equitable distribution of revenues in a manner approved by the Tribe.

So which is it? Is your share of the profits from the net or the gross? In a perfect world all of the revenue earnings of the casino should be deposited with the tribe then the casino asks for an approved operating budget for monthly or quarterly operation of the casino. What is left is the net earning and it is from these net earnings that the TRAP funds are derived.

What is the real life situation? Some Tribal leaders allow the casino management to determine how much money is sent to the Tribe as net profit. If management was truly greedy they would just expense you out every month and you would receive nothing. But they know they can’t do this and get away with it for very long.

You alone are responsible for what comes next. Management, along with corrupt tribal leaders, gaming commissions and accountants begin a systematic testing of what makes you happy. How much money makes you happy. They start with a number that is low and will keep it there if you never challenge them. You know that according to your TRAP you are entitled to 40% of the net earnings. (40% as an example). The math is simple. If your casino has a net of $20,000,000 per month then your monthly per-capita should be $8,000,000 and then divided by the number of tribal members of the tribe. If there are 1,000 members in your tribe this should equal a payment of $8,000 per month. But you are only receiving $4,000 a month. What happened to the other $4,000? More realistic, what happened to the other $4,000,000?

What happens after you discover the discrepancy and how it is corrected is now your responsibility. This is where the lies and cover up begins. We have heard every excuse and reason imaginable as to why your per capita is not what it should be.

New construction is probably one of the easiest ways to manipulate casino revenues. Is your casino stuck in continuous construction, remodeling and upgrades? Do you really need it? The real question is why is the cost of construction coming out of your per capita when it should be coming out of economic development. Even more the question is who authorized the new construction and the source of funds?

 Full Article How Tribal Leaders and Their Cohorts Can Steal Money From Tribal Members