Friday, August 21, 2015

Cupa News 3


Anonymous said...

Interesting Article today in the San Diego Tribune about the Gregory Canyon Landfill. Seems that a new company have bought the land and is moving forward with the Landfill on this site.
The new owners, Sovereign Capital Management has paid the County of San Diego the total amount that was due from the old owners,$201,844.20. This amount was paid in full on Monday the 17th of Aug. 2015.If you are interested in the article, it is in the San Diego Union Tribune.

Anonymous said...

Mark Orassco is PALA REZ POSTER.

PALAREZ said...

Give it up already. You can think I am whoever you want. I'm not Marcos you guys aren't even close, I'm glad I leave such an impression on you guys. You guys post are still bullshit keep grasping at straws.