Thursday, November 7, 2019

Former Paskenta Tribal Leaders Found Guilty

Hat tip to the commenter who pointed out this article.

Paskenta tribal leader: Guilty pleas are 'vindication' for Tribe after millions stolen


The defendants are the former Tribal Economic Development Director, John A. Crosby, 56, of Redding; the former Tribal Administrator Ines S. Crosby, 76, of Orland; and the former Tribal Treasurer Leslie A. Lohse, 64, of Glenn.

The trio pleaded guilty Thursday in federal court, to charges of conspiracy to embezzle or steal from a tribal organization, as well as tax fraud and tax evasion offenses.

“The defendants used the Tribe’s accounts as their personal piggy banks,” said Kareem Carter, Special Agent in Charge, IRS Criminal Investigation. “For at least five years the defendants took more than $4.9 million of the Tribe’s money and intentionally failed to declare it as income to the IRS. This resulted in a tax loss of over $1.6 million.”

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