Wednesday, September 26, 2018

In Loving Memory of King Freeman

I will always respect and love King Freeman.   He treated everyone fairly.  All he wanted was to serve The People and all he wanted was what was best for The People.  He felt everyone should be treated equally regardless of what disagreements we may have.  He was a shining example to us all, a hard worker, and cared deeply for his family.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

...Meanwhile Pala Interactive is Doing Bigly

Apparently Pala's General Council just doesn't want to talk about Pala Interactive, that online gaming venture Robert invested $100 million of the Band's money in.

If Pala Casino is doing so bad how is it Pala Interactive is doing so good?  Why isn't the Band provided financials about Pala Interactive?  Are they making money?  Why isn't the Band receiving any Return On Investment (ROI) from Pala Interactive?



Pala Interactive launched the brand in the fall of 2014 and added in the spring of 2016. launched preliminarily in mid-2017, and completed its full launch in December. Pala Casino offers access to more than 250 online casino games.

Pala and Borgata — together again?

So Pala already has a triple threat of online gambling angles — might the brass try to make it a quadruple threat? Pala’s online casino gaming and poker platforms come via a deal with Borgata, which just happened to be the first Atlantic City casino to offer sports betting in June and the first to offer mobile sports betting earlier this month.
The deal with BetGenius may help Pala with brand awareness, something it has in California but less so anywhere else. California seemed on the verge of legalizing online poker years ago, which presumably was a big factor in Pala’s foray into developing a website and online infrastructure. If online gaming regulation does come to California, Pala will have a leg up on rivals due to its experience in New Jersey.

Friday, September 14, 2018


To quote a comenter:

"What are u mixed with white ? Mexican ? Obviously you don’t have enough blood. Bitch can you speak your language other than “Tukumay” haha Native is Native" - Anonymous


One of these tomorrows will hold a brighter future for Pala.

Who's Ready?

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Pala Band Articles of Association and Ordinance No. 1

Someone asked what these documents are all about.  These are Articles of Association and the Original Enrollment Ordinance for the Pala Band.  Currently the validity of the Constitution has come under question.  If the Constitution is not valid then the Pala Band has been under the Articles this entire time. If this is the case then it means then that the BIA should have never allowed the disenrollments to occur and further they have a fiduciary responsibility to each individual to ensure equitable distribution of the assets.  The BIA has instead for 25 years turned a blind eye to the Pala Band and allowed the Executive Committee (mostly Robert Smith) to run amok.

Again these are all big "ifs" and it will need to be determined by the proper authorities.

Pala Band 1961 Jan 23 Articles of Association and Amendments by kupa7 on Scribd

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Pala Constitution Approval Dates Changed

Here is a letter obtained by FOIA request from the BIA to Robert Smith.
Note that the letter quotes Article IX Section 1 of the Pala Constitution stating that the Constitution shall become effective immediately after its approval by a majority vote of the voters participating in a duly called election. 
Does anyone remember a duly called election where a majority vote of the voters participated to approve this said Constitution?
For those of you so worried about the "tribe's" liability (FYI Pala "Band" is not a tribe") who are spending their time in comments trying to convince the disenrollees to just let it slide...if you are so concerned about protecting Robert and Theresa, don't worry they can hide behind Tribal Sovereignty.  We know how much you love Robert and Theresa for all the kick backs you get.

The BIA is the agency that may very well be liable for all the damages they have allegedly allowed to occur by neglecting their fiduciary responsibility to individual members.

The Constitution was never properly adopted which in my view means the Articles of Association are still in effect.  The Articles gives the BIA final authority over Pala's rolls.  This means that rather than just "recommending" the Pala Band reinstate the disenrollees (which the BIA stated in 2012) they instead had an obligation to not only protect our membership from the likes of Robert Smith, Theresa Nieto, and Leroy Miranda but also to protect the assets all members are entitled to ensuring equitable distribution of such said assets.

Note the language below in this letter from Virgil Townsend that includes " which this Constitution is approved by the Bureau of Indian Affairs".

The Pala Constitution states:

"Articcle IX
Section 1 Effective Date

This Constitution shall become effective immediately after its approval by a majority vote of the voters voting in a duly-called elections at which this Constitution is approved by the Bureau of Indian Affairs".

Does a vote of 27 For and 0 against sound like a majority vote of the voters voting in a duly-called election to anyone?

Pala Constitution by kupa7 on Scribd