Monday, August 27, 2018

Historical Friction Between Old Pala Indians and Warner Ranch Indians

The document below is a piece of history describing friction that exists even up to this day between the multiple groups and one tribe residing at Pala. It's not just Old Pala Luiseno (Band) and Warner Ranch (Agua Caliente) Cupeno (Tribe).  There are also Cahuilla (Band), Yaqui (Band), and Iipai (Band) living at Pala as well.
If you are confused about the difference between a Band and Tribe you are not alone.  The BIA  can't keep it straight either.
An example would be to consider Luiseno.  Luiseno itself is a tribe.  But there are many Bands of this tribe living all over Southern California on multiple reservations.  The Pala Luiseno are a Band of the Greater Luiseno Nation.
The Cupeno are a tribe historically residing at Agua Caliente aka Warner's Hot Springs (Ranch).
The Cupeno as a tribe were forced onto land purchased adjacent to Old Pala's land.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Duncan Hunter Indicted

Do you think any Robert Smith Pala Money is slushing around in those campaign contributions?

Washington Post 10 of the ickiest allegations in the Duncan Hunter indictment


Federal prosecutors allege that he and his wife stole $250,000 in campaign funds to do things like take their family to Italy (and buy a three-piece luggage set for it), buy their kids' school lunches, treat family and friends to hotel rooms and wine and golf, and fly a family member’s pet to Washington, D.C., for vacation.

All the while, the 47-page indictment unsealed Tuesday alleges, their own personal family accounts were either very low or overdrawn. The extremely detailed allegations paint the picture of a member of Congress raising money from donors and boldly using it for himself and his family to live outside their means. At one point, prosecutors allege Hunter told his campaign treasurer that the rules preventing exactly such a scenario were “silly.”

Read the entire article at the link above.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

White Man by the name of Henry Smith

Below is a letter dated December 11, 1935 from BIA Superintendent John W. Dady.  Apparently this Henry E. Smith bought some jewelry on credit and did not pay off the loan.  The jeweler then contacted the BIA hoping they could could garnish Henry Smith's wages in order to recoup the loss.
John Dady states

"...there is a white man by the name of Henry Smith married to Agnes Moro, a Pala Indian.  These people live on the Pala Reservation.  I presume he is the same man as the Henry E. Smith you mention in your letter.  He lives at Pala by right of sufferage only on account of being married to an Indian..."