Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pala Tribal Members - So You Think This Isn't Your Fight?

Below is a flyer. Feel free to print it out and pass it around.
So You Think This Isn't Your Fight?

Text Version

By Concerned Tribal Memebers


The Margarita Brittain fight is more your fight than you think. There are several implications related to the Executive Committee’s recent decision to disenroll several members of the Brittain Family.

Why is it you fight too? Under the new rules of the Executive Committee they can now disenroll anyone they want to disenroll.

Is this really what you want for Pala? You want you and your family to constantly live in fear that the Executive Committee will take away your heritage and your per-capita with a single stroke of a pen?

The use of the 1928 Roll as proof of eligibility for enrollment with the Tribe is a violation of our Constitution.

Under this new rule by the Executive Committee, Committee members Dion Perez and Theresa Nieto are not eligible for enrollment in Pala because the 1928 Roll shows their family to be from Morongo and Cahuilla and not from Warner Springs Valley.

The children of Leroy Miranda should not be enrolled because the 1928 Roll shows that they are Yaqui Mexican. More significantly, the 1928 Roll shows more than ½ the Tribe to be ineligible for enrollment just as the descendants of Margarita Brittain.

Not your fight? YOUR NEXT!!

More importantly to you, when the Brittains win, and they will, are you prepared to have your per-capita slashed in order to pay the back money owed them as well as damages?

The sooner this is ended the better it is for you. Damages are accruing at a rate of $2 million a month. Think about it. It will be your debt.