Thursday, September 13, 2018

Pala Band Articles of Association and Ordinance No. 1

Someone asked what these documents are all about.  These are Articles of Association and the Original Enrollment Ordinance for the Pala Band.  Currently the validity of the Constitution has come under question.  If the Constitution is not valid then the Pala Band has been under the Articles this entire time. If this is the case then it means then that the BIA should have never allowed the disenrollments to occur and further they have a fiduciary responsibility to each individual to ensure equitable distribution of the assets.  The BIA has instead for 25 years turned a blind eye to the Pala Band and allowed the Executive Committee (mostly Robert Smith) to run amok.

Again these are all big "ifs" and it will need to be determined by the proper authorities.

Pala Band 1961 Jan 23 Articles of Association and Amendments by kupa7 on Scribd