Thursday, February 18, 2016

$80 Million Dollars Stolen

It's been 4 years since Pala's Executive Committee committed mass disenrollments.  162 people had their lives turned upside down along with their families.  Over the 4 year period Pala's Executive committee has stolen $80 million dollars from the disenrolled.

Where did it go?  Did PBMI members enjoy nice per capita increases?

Millions of dollars were invested in Pala Interactive which engages in online gaming in New Jersey.  Are PBMI members getting nice per capita checks from this venture?

What happened to the minor trust funds?

Everything just vanished into the black hole that is Theresa Nieto's accounting system.

Who benefited from the mass disenrollments at Pala?  It doesn't seem PBMI members enjoyed any benefit from it.  But it sure gave Pala's Executive Committee extra money to play with.

Meanwhile Private Jets, box seats, fancy dinners, new vehicles, and fancy golf carries on. Oh, and an RV Park.