Friday, February 20, 2015

CEO of Pala Interactive Jim Ryan Concerned Online Gaming Could Be Made Illegal

Sheldon Adelson is throwing a lot of money at various members of Congress doing everything he can to get anti-onling gaming legislation passed.  Of course this is completely transparent on Adelson's part.  He owns several large brick and mortar casinos which he worries will lose revenue if online gaming becomes legal.

There was once hope a couple of years ago that Congress would legalize all or at least some forms of online gaming.  That hope has now faded.  Pala Interactive's CEO Jim Ryan thinks there's a good chance anti-online gaming legislation can pass through Congress.

Pala Interactive’s Jim Ryan Says Federal Ban of iGaming Has “A Good Shot of Passing”

By Steve Larson

Pala Interactive CEO Jim Ryan recently expressed strong concerns that the Restoration of the Wire Act legislation could pass in 2015. Mr. Ryan, who is the former CEO of Party Gaming, said that the RAWA has a much better chance of passing in 2015 than it did in 2014.

The gaming executive spoke on a number of subjects, including his own company’s plans for 2015 and the chances of state-level online gaming legislation passing this year. The quotes seized upon by the online gambling community were those involving legislation introduced to the U.S. House of Representatives by Jason Chaffetz of Utah last week.

Jim Ryan Online Gambling Quotes Quotes

Jim Ryan spoke to the website Pocket Fives recently. He said, “I think Adelson’s legislation has a good shot of passing. We have a Republican-controlled Congress and a well-financed political effort to amend the Wire Act. This is the most significant threat we’ve had post-Black Friday.”

Mr. Ryan says that Sheldon Adelson and his congressional allies’ arguments are simply wrong. Ryan said, “They’re worried about underage gambling and terrorism. Why push it into the black market as opposed to regulating it? I would love to get involved in the debate when that point is discussed.”

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