Thursday, July 19, 2012

Kilma Lattin Quoted In The Sacramento Bee

Dan Morain: Obama's policies help Indians, but payback is iffy

Kilma Lattin, a member of the Pala Band of Mission Indians, owners of a San Diego County casino, has formed the Native American Republican Super PAC, and hopes to raise money for Romney.

Lattin is a true believer in the Republican vision that fewer regulations and lower taxes would stimulate the economy, benefiting casino patrons and, therefore, casinos.

"Obama has done a good job with his outreach to tribes. And he has been generous with his policy on federal grants," Lattin said. "But this is about the handling of the economy. … Tribal nations that are serious about growing their economies have got to support candidates with viable plans to create growth."

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According to the article Kilma has formed the Native American Republican Super PAC.

For those of you who follow politics you may have heard about the Citizens United Case in which the Supreme Court basically struck down campaign finance laws.  This allowed for the creation of Super PACs.  Super PACs can raise unlimited funds from anyone and can keep their donors anonymous.  The only catch is they cannot coordinate with any political campaign.

So while Kilma can raise money and use his Super PAC to support Mitt Romney he cannot be in contact with the Romney Campaign.  But he can use his Super PAC to run as many pro-Romney commercials as he wants.  He can also use that money for other purposes.  I don't think there are very many restrictions at all on how that money can be spent.

If any of you watch the Colbert Report you may know that Stephen Colbert raised millions of dollars for his Super PAC and can spend that money anyway he chooses.

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