Monday, July 28, 2014

Online Gambling Legal For Indian Tribes?

Apparently some legal analysis is already starting to trickle down with the theory that online gambling conducted by Indian Tribes on reservation land may be legal.  The theory to my knowledge has not been tested in the court of law.  Of course, there is also the issue if they are referring to State Law or Federal Law.  In the article below it seems Owens is only referring to State Law.  There is also the issue of Federal Law and the transfer of money across State and International Borders.

Just to review briefly Iipay Tribe of Santa Ysabel has decided to move forward with their online poker site called which appears to already be operating.

In The News: Poker Site Deemed Legal

Despite the large debates surrounding the launch of, the site has been backed by several leading legal gambling authorities who believe that the site is operating completely within state law. Comments from attorney Martin Owens suggest that the site has done nothing to breach gambling laws and marks a step forward into bringing in some regulated gambling practices across the state.
The issues were swept aside by Owens, who made a statement declaring that “If an Indian tribe has land of its own and wants to offer Class 2 gambling, they don’t have to consult state law at all.” A Class 2 license allows native tribes to operate basic gambling services such as poker on their lands and the Santa Ysabel nation currently holds a Class 3 license, giving them full rights to operate banked gaming services.

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