Saturday, October 21, 2023

Pala Going Rogue

Looks like Robert Smith is getting into Sports Betting

A couple of interesting quotes from the article:

"The long battle over sports betting in California took another team last week when it was reported the Pala Band of Mission Indians is considering a new initiative in 2024. That means they must collect over 870,000 signatures from tribal members in less than five months. If they can get the signatures in time, it would lead to another referendum in 2024."


"The new initiative was expected to be announced last week, but the tribe still has not done so. One likely reason is pushback from other tribes in the Sunshine State. Pala is known for going rogue from other tribes, many of which do not support the legalization of sports betting. However, the blowback from working with the state to push through sports betting without their fellow tribes would be massive. It would likely also lead to yet another failed referendum."

Another article:


"Pala Chairman Robert Smith sent a communication to some tribal leaders Sunday giving them a heads up that the tribe will issue a news release Monday regarding filing a sports betting initiative for 2024."

Also in the News:


And there are rumors upon rumors.  I don't who or what to believe anymore so I don't really believe any of it.

Supposedly Pala is going to or already did buy Pala Mesa Resort.  Then Robert wants to put this land into trust and build a casino on it.  Does Robert still sit on the California Fee to Trust Consortium along with Amy Dutschke?

What was this about Robert wanting to shut the casino down?  Is that even true?  Weird times.