Wednesday, November 14, 2018

New Book by Gordon Johnson

Gordon Johnson has a new book out titled Bird Songs Don’t Lie: Writings from the Rez

Gordon was also just featured in an article in the Press Enterprise:

Carl Love: Writer Gordon Johnson still connects readers to old Temecula, Native American life

Here is an excerpt:

The crowd hanging out at the They Passed This Way monument in Old Town Temecula was working phones, the ultimate modern device.

One, Gordon Johnson, also was connected to the Temecula of long ago represented by the monument.

The name of John Magee, his great, great, great grandfather is etched there.

Magee was quite the figure of late 1800s Temecula. He owned a popular general store, served as the town postmaster and was a judge.

Johnson has made a name for himself in modern Temecula.

The veteran journalist started writing about the area in the early 1980s as editor of The Californian newspaper.

Now he’s making news again with his third book, “Bird Songs Don’t Lie: Writings from the Rez,” a collection of newspaper columns from The Press-Enterprise and nine short stories based on a fictional Native American tribe, the San Ignacio.

Read the full article at the link above.  There's also a picture.

Friday, November 2, 2018

Pala Treasurer

I was emailed the flyers below.  I hope the People of Pala vote for change this time.  17 years is too long for someone to be in office especially with such a terrible track record.

Barbara Hutton Flyer

Theresa Nieto Flyer

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Jim Ryan, CEO of Pala Interactive Makes News

Article Link:

Illinois Sports Betting And Online Casino Up For Debate In Legislature This Week


Jim Ryan, CEO of Pala Interactive and a member of the nonprofit iDEA Growth, submitted a letter this week calling on lawmakers to not overlook the economic benefits of gambling expansion.

Ryan wrote mobile wagering is “the future of the industry” and sports wagering is already taking place on “unregulated platforms.”

“Illinois needs to make it legal and regulated. Voting for anything less is a lost opportunity for the state’s economy,” Ryan wrote.

Read the full article at the link above.

Jim Ryan mentions iDEA Growth

Take a look at their members here:

Pala Interactive is a member of this non-profit.

I wonder how much Pala is giving to this non-profit in order to lobby various State Governments to push Online and Mobile Gaming...

Has Pala started issuing Per Cap payments from Pala Interactive yet?  Pala investd $100 million in this venture....Any ROI yet?