Friday, November 18, 2016

Pala Buys Part of Gregory Canyon

The San Diego Union Tribune reported yesterday that the Pala Band purchased part of Gregory Canyon effectively ending the 25 year fight over the landfill.  Purchase Price:  $13 million.  There will probably be no Christmas bonus this year for Pala members but hey, you got some sacred land back.

You can read the article at the link below.  Shasta Gaughen said:

"“The deal includes all of Gregory Mountain — we already owned the eastern side —  and all of Gregory Canyon, so that makes it impossible for there to be any sort of landfill development there,” said Shasta Gaughen, the tribe’s environmental director and historic preservation officer. “This outcome, with the tribe owning one of the most sacred sites we have — I didn't’ see it ending like this and I couldn’t be happier.”

Read the full article here:

Gregory Canyon Landfill project dead as Pala tribe buys part of land