Saturday, July 7, 2012

Pala Disenrollment Letters

The Pala Executive Committee which is also the Pala Enrollment Committee has issued another disenrollment letter to re-finalize their final decision they made final.  Did I mention they made yet another final decision?

Here is the first letter they sent to 154 tribal members dated February 3rd, 2012.  Notice that no specific reason was given for the disenrollments.  They make mention of reviewing enrollment information but if they truly reviewed all the information we submitted they would have determined we should remain enrolled.

I alone submitted over 50 pages of documentation which they didn't even look at.  I know many other family members also submitted all sorts of documentation.

3 Feb 2012 Pala Disenrollment Letter

This next letter dated June 7th, 2012 attempts to imply that since the BIA did not offer a recommendation within 30 days of our disenrollment the disenrollments are therefore finalized.

However anyone with common sense knows this isn't how the appeals process works.  Yes, we had 30 days from the date of disenrollment to appeal that decision to the BIA.  We did appeal within 30 days to the BIA.  However, the BIA took 4 months to respond to the appeal.  We have no control over how long the BIA will take to respond to an appeal.  It could have taken longer.

7 June 2012 Pala Disenrollment Letter

On June 7th, 2012 the BIA recommended that all 154 disenrolled tribal members should remain on Pala's rolls.

Bureau of Indian Affairs Pacific Regional Director Recommends All 162 Disenfranchised Pala Members Be Enrolled

The Pala Enrollment Committee issued a 3rd disenrollment letter on July 2nd, 2012.  This one states they received the BIA recommendation but they claim since we submitted "no new evidence" the disenrollments are final.  We submitted all sorts of documentation.  They chose to ignore it.

2 July 2012 Pala Disenrollment Letter

We know the Pala Executive Committee's purpose was to disenroll Margarita Brittain descendents.  No written reason was ever given as to why we were disenrolled.  Verbally it has been stated that we have no proof of who Mararita's father was. 

We actually do have proof including but not limited to the Individual Family History Card for Merced Nolasquez that shows the father of Margarita to be Pelegrino Ortega.

None of our documentation mattered.  We remain the only family group that I know of being asked to prove who the parents are of a 1913 Roll allottee.  No one is asking who the father of Sylvario Nolasquez was.