Sunday, May 4, 2014

Paskenta - After 11 Years, Justice

I was sent this article below.  It is a print version of an article that appeared in the Sacramento Valley Mirror.  There does not seem to be an online version.  It is an embedded pdf file that can be downloaded, printed out, or just enlarged by clicking on the magnifying glass near the bottom of the post.  You can also  toggle to full screen view by clicking the square on the right hand side at the bottom of this post which will help be able to read it.

Also in the news:

Leslie Lohse was one of the Council Members that was removed from office.  She was Treasurer.  She is also Chair of the California Tribal Business Alliance (CTBA) ( of which Pala is a member.  Robert Smith is the treasurer for CTBA.

Paskenta tribe shuns members, investigates missing funds


"Also during the meeting, Leslie Lohse, Tribal Council treasurer, and member of the suspended family, was dismissed off the Tribal Council by the General Council, Rico stated."

Rico claims that a more recent letter from the gaming commission said it is classifying the dispute as an internal tribal affair, and at this time will leave the problem for the tribe to rectify.
“We are still in compliance with all required federal and state regulations,” she stated.