Saturday, June 16, 2012

Elsie Lucero BIA Enrollment Specialist On Margarita Brittain

Here is an affidavit from Elsie Lucero.  She was the Southern California Agency BIA Enrollment Specialist from 1985 until she retired in 2005.  She was in charge of going over all the historical documents related to Margarita Brittain.

Elsie Lucero has been kind enough to prepare several affidavits for us for which we sincerely thank her.  Her words speak for themselves.  If you have not read any of her affidavits please read this one.

I know several affidavits are out there and they are similar but this one is newer and addresses Pelegrino Ortega, Margarita Brittain's Father.

Great information here.

Elsie Lucero Affidavit Filing May 30 2012