Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Santa Ysabel Moving Forward With Online Poker - Santa Ysabel Tribe in California Launches Online Poker Site

Why is this significant

The significance is two-fold. First, the obvious significance is for players in California as they may have a new, more trustworthy place to play.

For the rest of us, the significance lies in the precedent being set. Other tribes across the U.S will be watching what Santa Ysabel does with and will make decisions based on the results. Other tribes have, and absolutely still are, weighing the possibility of operating a Class II online poker site under their sovereign rights. Santa Ysabel is uniquely position to call out ‘first’ on this one for two key reasons:

•They don’t have much to lose. Santa Ysabel closed their land-based casino in February. If they are proven to be wrong regarding the legality of operating an online poker site as a tribe, they have no significant underlying business that can be harmed.

•They are in California, considered to be the gold mine for online gaming due to population and demographics. There is actual money to be made.

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Much More:

Santa Ysabel Interactive - Santa Ysabel Gambit Complicates California Online Poker Scene
by Haley Hintze on July 15, 2014

This week’s announcement by the cash-strapped Santa Ysabel tribal nation of an imminent rollout of real-money online poker for Californians, despite no formal state regulation, has added an interesting new twist to the neverending saga of the attempts to introduce and regulate the online game in the Golden State.  Whether or not the Santa Ysabels — also known as the Iipay Nation — move forward with their plans remains to be seen.

What’s for sure, however, is that an already-tipsy legislative apple cart in California’s state capital of Sacramento now has another element in play.  Regardless of the Santa Ysabels nation’s small financial size, the question now posed is a doozy: Do United States-based tribal nations even need federal or state approval to offer online poker, if they’ve already been cleared via the Department of the Interior to offer gambling on their own tribal lands?

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