Saturday, June 14, 2014

Amaya Gaming Buying PokerStars

Amaya Gaming is in the process of buying PokerStars for $4.9 Billion.

What exactly does this mean?  Well, PokerStars has been a bit of fly in the ointment stalling legislation in California that could legalize online poker in the Golden State.  Some California tribes have insisted on Bad Actor language in legislation which would essentially lock out PokerStars from the California Online Poker Market.  At the same time Morongo, Card Parlors, and Horse Tracks have partnered with PokerStars to develop online poker in the event it becomes legal in California.

With PokerStars being bought by another company perhaps now they would be able to participate in the California Market.  If this is the case then some of the last road blocks preventing online poker from being legal in California could be removed.  If the Bad Actor clause is no longer an issue then presumably Morongo, Card Parlors, Horse Tracks, and the rest of the tribes in California could agree on some form of the current proposed legislation.

For more information you can read the following:

Forbes - Amaya Gaming In Deal To Buy PokerStars For $4.9 Billion

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