Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Father of Margarita Brittain - Pelegrino Ortega

The report on heirship for Merced Nolasquez lists Pelegrino Ortega as the father of Margarita Brittain and Merced.  This is nothing new.  We know this as Carolina testified that Merced and Margarita had the same father but different mothers.  Miguella Owlinguish was Margarita's mother.  Who was Merced's mother?

We also know Robert Smith and the rest of his cronies on the Executive Committee ignore all the evidence we provide.  It is said Robert tells everyone that PBMI now uses the 1928 California Indian Judgement Rolls (CIJR) as the base roll of PBMI instead of the 1913 Allotment Rolls.  This is a violation of Robert's illegal Constitution.  But beyond that if Robert is really using the 1928 CIJR applications as the base roll of PBMI then everyone should be concerned since half the membership of PBMI could easily be wiped off the rolls using the 1928 CIJR as justification.

Robert Smith - Chariman of the Luisenos

Once again BIA Pacific Regional Director Amy Dutschke refers to Robert Smith as Chairman of the Luisenos in April of 2015.  Yesterday this video was published claiming Robert Smith to be Chairman of the Pala Band of Mission Indians.  In this video Robert says "As chairman of the Pala Band of Mission Indians, I am dedicated to preserving our place in California’s history."
What's your place in California History Robert?  Trying to claim the Cupeno and Luiseno are "one people"?  Disenrolling and disenfranchising descendants of Warner Ranch Evictees?  Conducting business as Chairman of the Luisenos and masquerading as Chairman of PBMI?