Saturday, August 15, 2015

Pala Poker In The News

Pala Poker Waiting On PokerStars Before Entering US Market

Pala Poker is holding off on paying the ante in New Jersey, and while the company launched its casino product in November of last year, it believes following PokerStars’ anticipated entry in the third-quarter of 2015 is a more opportune time to debut.

“We will offer Pala Poker in the New Jersey market, but we’ll do it after PokerStars launches,” Jim Ryan, Pala Interactive CEO told recently. “PokerStars has taken the position that when they come into the market they’ll increase consumer awareness and the market will grow; we can only hope that that’s accurate.”

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Anonymous said...

Who is Pala's new Gaming Attorney, now that Howard Dickstien has swam away from the sinking ship as did Amy Doucshbag.

Tamatúlnaqiš said...

Right, those two already new it was a bad Idea and dickstien already new. California won't allow it. And if they did it would probably cost a lot of money from us when we already put out millions and for what? We should have put that money to a market on the Rez for us or a dialysis center for native patients, turning our security into actual tribal police with arresting power and jail cells, apartments for our native young adults. You know think outside of the box but for the betterment of native people, filed trips for the whole tribe to visit sacred sites. Common people think native wsys. Not American ways.