Friday, March 16, 2018

Expansion On Hold?

Lot's of rumors floating around.

Can anyone verify?

I am hearing the expansion is now on hold.  Where is the money?  Was the loan secured?  Or did Pala (aka Robert) never even get the loan in the first place?

I am also hearing more per cap cuts are coming.

Seems there is a ton of tribal administration that could get cut before tribal members should be forced to take a cut.

How much longer will everyone keep voting in the same people only to watch the casino go down the tubes?

Looks like Pechanga is eating everyone's lunch including Robert's.


Anonymous said...

Why did Pala gaming employees just get raises if there is all these money problems and layoffs?? Percap cut is a given, Pechanga got theirs cut during their expansion. I’m already expecting it and planning accordingly and if it doesn’t happen then I will just have extra money. Hey Nieto use to always love to tell us “percap isn’t gaurenteed” “you can’t always rely on percap” which is something I have learned over the years with the way Pala is being run you never know what’s going to happen with our tribe, our members, or our finances! They way smith and nieto run things Pala tribal members have no financially secure future. The first 10 years were great and I’m sure we all felt financially secure but after all the cuts in percap and slowly losing our bonuses and rob suspended 2 tribal members percap for a year than disenrolled a couple times and took away their everything. Now none of us know what’s going to happen next in Pala which is scary. Like someone said on a previous comment, how come at meetings “new business” is never on the Agenda or presented to the tribe? I mean I know the answer but why don’t we the tribe demand it to be added to the agenda at every meeting. Right now you have to submit an agenda request and it has to get approved by smith to be discussed or voted on at a meeting and we all know he does not add anything he does not want or cannot allow on to the agenda to be presented to the tribe. I know this sounds like a dictator move and that’s exactly what we have here in Pala. PLEASE HELP

Anonymous said...

Pechanga is pretty dead during the day times as well. I have been going there for years and have never seen it so empty. They might get busy on weekends, but I think they could be hurting too. The area is over saturated with Casinos. These expansions are stupid. Regulars and high rollers are few and far between. Pauma called off their new Casino construction also.

Anonymous said...

If this is true about the hold on the expansion the ones to blame are the members for not taking action to stop Smith and Nieto for their lies and bullshit against the Tribe.
Just keep on believing the lies and soon you all will not have a pot to piss in.

Anonymous said...

Will Smith and Nieto along with the GM of the Casino have to pay back there under the table money that the contractor had to pay them for their share of getting the job, or will the Members believe their lies again and have the Tribe pay for their bullshit "AGAIN".

Reinstatement_Restitution said...

So the expansion is on hold, over 200 employees laid off, and no loan payments to make. Does Smith just add their salaries to the weekly skim?

Anonymous said...

With over 200 employees laid off the numbers still haven't changed at the meetings when Nieto gives her FIXED statement on the profit and lose for the Casino, every figure is still the same.
The only figures that have changed are the ones in their personal bank statements.
Instead of a one or two page statement it takes three and some times four pages because of all the deposit into their personal accounts.
I wonder how deep Wells Fargo Bank is involved with the corruption
at Pala.

Reinstatement_Restitution said...

I wouldn't blame the bank.