Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Jim Ryan, CEO of Pala Interactive Makes News

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Illinois Sports Betting And Online Casino Up For Debate In Legislature This Week


Jim Ryan, CEO of Pala Interactive and a member of the nonprofit iDEA Growth, submitted a letter this week calling on lawmakers to not overlook the economic benefits of gambling expansion.

Ryan wrote mobile wagering is “the future of the industry” and sports wagering is already taking place on “unregulated platforms.”

“Illinois needs to make it legal and regulated. Voting for anything less is a lost opportunity for the state’s economy,” Ryan wrote.

Read the full article at the link above.

Jim Ryan mentions iDEA Growth

Take a look at their members here:

Pala Interactive is a member of this non-profit.

I wonder how much Pala is giving to this non-profit in order to lobby various State Governments to push Online and Mobile Gaming...

Has Pala started issuing Per Cap payments from Pala Interactive yet?  Pala investd $100 million in this venture....Any ROI yet?


Anonymous said...

How does Internet Gambling help the economy? Only certain parties benefit from the profits obviously since it is so hush hush on whose getting what from this supposed money making business. Follow the money.

Anonymous said...

This is where your per cap cut is going to.
An investment with no return to the Membership of PBMI.
These fuchen crooks need to be dealt with instead of backing them up
and giving them what they want.
I can just hear Smith and Nieto when Ryan tells them that they need more money for Pala Interactive .
He and Nieto would say okay Jim no problem we will just lower the Per Capita to the membership.
Just let the EC know how much you need and its a done deal.
I stead of just letting them cut the membership pay make them show you the proof that a cut is need and call for an audit before you vote for a cut or simply say no cut and make a motion and get a vote to approve your motion and if motion passes then there will be NO CUT to the members. PERIOD.

Anonymous said...

There is a line from Little Big Man where he asks Grandfather during the massacre of their people, "Do you hate the white man now Grandfather?" Well Donna Lavato do you hate Robert Smith now. Remember you had the power to end his reign yet you let it continue and you let the drugs flow through Pala like water. Your son has lost his mind and now you suffer the loss of granddaughter and it your fault. We can blame you because you wouldn't tell the truth about Mr. Smith. You know the details and the many wrong doings he has done and what he has done to your son and now your family. How many more drug associated deaths do you want for your family. It will continue to happen because you let it happen. Many people may see this message as crass and crude but it compares as nothing to what you have done to Pala and the pain you have allowed the members of Pala to suffer. Yes I rub your face in it. Yes I call you out and declare your responsibility. Your son tried to witch us. How is that working out for him? Looks to me like you are the ones suffering now. Whatever else happens beyond this most horrible time in your life will only get worse because you failed the people of Pala. What next? Only your worst nightmares can you give you a clue as to what will happen next. May your Christian god bless and protect you. You will need it.

Anonymous said...

Shut up they’re enrolled let the enrolled deal with it who the fuck you think you are god ? Hahaha

Anonymous said...

What's being enrolled got to do with it 10:15 ?
Facts are facts and hiding the truth as to what happened is one big ass sin.
It is hurting a lot of people in Pala both enrolled and non members alike.
Robert Smith has got to be held accountable for what he has done before and after he became the Chairman.
Why should he be able to commit crimes against anyone just because he thinks that he can.
Sooner or later he will get caught for his crimes and will be sent to Prison for them.
Every day that passes is a day closer to the end for him.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the family of the man that was killed by the Smith brothers should higher an investigator to look into the actions that the Smiths did to their family member when they committed the ultimate crime of Murder by killing their loved one at the old Campground in Pala by shoving a Maglite into his mouth until he died.
The Smiths think that they are untouchable but they must pay for taking the lives of the one that they killed.

Anonymous said...

Holy Shit! Death by Maglite shoved in the mouth? I ran across Pala Watch by accident several years ago. Every so often when bored at work I troll this sight.As I'm doing right now.I use to enjoy patronizing Pala Casino. It was a way to get away without the travel time. Although the establishment is glorious and definitely enjoyable, since learning of all the corruption that takes place i will NEVER go back. Not that my measly money will ever effect the pockets of these folks but I will not support such a group. I have and will continue to tell people about the shit I've learned about this reservation at every opportunity that sees fit.This is nothing more then a legal gang in my opinion. One day these casinos will be gone.You will only be recognized as a race and not a sovereign nation.My advise is learn to love your culture again, more than the money.Remember and be grateful for what you ancestors fought and died for. We are watching!

Anonymous said...

Just received Robert Smith's reelection pamphlet in the mail today.
and I must say that this is the funniest joke of that I have heard in
the last 10 years.
It says that he is "Respectful"- "Fair" and "Effective".
It should have said that,#1- "He is respectful to those that he needs something from, #2-He is fair to those that support his corruption,
And #3 He is Effective in screwing the Members of Pala Band of Mission Indians. Effective in taking the Members per capita weather the members like it or not.
So the Tribe wasted more money by paying for these pamphlets to be sent out for him.
He didn't even use his own address , he used the return address of
Pala Band of Mission Indians
35961 Pala Temecula rd.
Pala, ca. 92059
A big bunch of lies from the start.

Anonymous said...

His picture on that pamphlet shows that karma is starting on him.
Can't wait to see him in about 5 or 6 months when it really hits him like a ton of shit.
Remember the before pictures of Leroy Miranda, and look at Leroy now.
Pay attention Mr. Smith karma wants you and that's all that wants YOU.
And it WILL get you.

Anonymous said...

He is right behind Leroy Miranda.
He can't have that long to live, at the most I am guessing about 4 or maybe 6 months.
On some people you can tell that death is just around the corner,
and that's why I say 4-6 months.
If you take a hard look at him there are spots that are ashy looking
which can means that some of the cells in that person are dying or are dead cell that no longer produce and that's what I see in Mr. Smith.
Better notify Berry Bell in Fallbrook so they can be ready soon.

Anonymous said...

One hundred and sixty two members will probably pay for his Funeral.
Plus at least half of San Diego County would probably donate a few
Thousand dollars just to get rid of him as soon as possible.
That's how people speak about Robert Smith and Theresa Nieto now days
because finally after years of rumors being spread around about the
corruption of those two everyone is believing that those rumors are not just rumors, they are true.
Even the people that thought that they (Smith & Nieto)were good people say that they were tricked by the duo many time over when they conducted business with them where money was concerned.
There has been so many KICKBACKS given to them and that alone is not good business for the Tribe.
It only goes to show you that money is more important to them than their own people are.
They say that they have lost faith in the Tribal government as far as being honest and trustworthy when doing business with the Tribe.
Look for an article that will be published in a few weeks in the free paper that did the piece on Pala about 7 or 8 months ago.
I believe that its called the reader or something like that.

Pete Trujillo sr. said...

Okay we can't wait to see what the Reader comes up with.