Friday, January 27, 2017

Pala Interactive Rolls Out Along With Facebook App - Android and iOS Apps to Follow

Big News for Pala Interactive - Pala Interactive rolls out first free-to-play virtuals titles from Leap Gaming

Pala Interactive, the iGaming subsidiary of the Pala Band of Mission Indians, has launched five new virtual sports titles on its social casino site MyPalaCasino.

The launch follows a deal with virtual sports specialist Leap Gaming to add its portfolio of virtual games to the free-to-play site, with horse and dog racing, trotting, velodrome and speedway titles now live.

The games are currently available via the site and Facebook app, and will soon to be added to its iOS and Android apps.

The games allow players able to pick their favourite horse, dog or athlete and place a range of bets based on current odds and the competitor's performance history.

Launched in November 2016 to promote the tribe's California-based Pala Casino Spa & Resort, MyPalaCasino offers a range of slots, table games and skill-based puzzles alongside the virtual sports products.

The social offering is integrated with the casino's Pala Privileges reward programme, allowing players to collect points to redeem for real-world prizes such as games, spa services, food and beverages or hotel stays.

The initial virtual sports roll-outs will be followed by the addition of tennis and soccer games in the near future.


Pala adds virtual sports games to social casino


Anonymous said...

This sounds good I guess but someone didn't do their homework. Not too long ago on the news they said all the online gaming was going to be shut down nation wide because States were finding it difficult to collect the taxes.

Anonymous said...

Roberts always drinking outside Caberet bar at Pala Casino almost every week day. FYI for anyone interested.

Anonymous said...

Robert Smith and the e.c. lie to the people again,they said the courts agree that Margarita Brittian is only 1/2 indian.The courts and the b.i.a.believe that margarita is 4/4/,they don't want to get involved with tribal stuff,why wont the e.c. let us bring our paper work to the people,and they bring there,paper work.all those who stand with the e.c. will stand before God.

Anonymous said...

The EC will NEVER allow a third party to look at both sides evidence and make a decision because the EC has nothing except rumor and gossip and they know they would lose and the disenrollee's would be reinstated.

Anonymous said...

This site seems more like an advertisement for Pala online...did Robert take over this site too?

Anonymous said...

Who cares


I don't know but people are ready and waiting for him to fuck up at the casino again. There are a lot of people with there cell cameras
focused on him and Maxcey to get photos of them with their pants down or pissed in.
Then the photos will be made public for all to see.
So, Eric and Goodpasture be sure to smile because you could be the next stars on candid camera.
Maxcey like to throw his weight around in the Casino telling the employees,"don't you know who I am, well go down stairs and look at the photos on the wall, I am Howard Maxcey the second in command here so go do your job, got it.
Fucken low life scum bags.
Nothing but a bunch of loud mouth assholes.

Anonymous said...

Thank you 11:14 PM we will be on the look out for this lying corrupt
little asshole of a man.

Anonymous said...

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