Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Bill Making Its Way Through House to Ban New Jersey Online Gambling

I wonder how much lobbying dollars it will cost to kill this bill...

Proposed ban on N.J. online gambling still brewing in D.C.

WASHINGTON — Proposed federal legislation that would outlaw online gambling in New Jersey and the two other states that allow it got a second hearing Wednesday.

The bill's chief sponsor, U.S. Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) expressed concern that residents of states that outlaw gambling, either in casinos or online, would be able to play anyway.

"It's naive at best to think you can put a wall on the Internet," said Chaffetz, chairman of the U.S. House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, which conducted the hearing. Chaffetz also presided over a House Judiciary subcommittee hearing on the bill in March.

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Anonymous said...

What would this do to Pala Interactive.

Anonymous said...

Breaking News,
I just had a conversation with a friend that lives on the coast in San Diego County and she advised me that Amy D. is in fact under investigation along with her niece, Sara, and a few other unmentionables.
Praise the Lord for Justice.

Anonymous said...

I can just hear Robert Smith at a meeting explaining this to the Tribe.
He would say= sorry but it was a bad decision, but we did the will of the people and it didn't work out the way that we expected.
It was voted on and the people approved it, we know that a hundred million dollars is a lot of money, but we will make it up on the next BIG investment.
And Nieto will back him up. FUCKEN LOW LIFE CORRUPT ASSHOLES.
When are the people going to get a real cupa EC.
Seems like Morongo and San Felipee don't know shit about investments.

Reinstatement_Restitution said...

Pala Interactive is not an investment. It is a conversion of the assets of the PBMI. The Pala EC sits on the Pala Interactive Board of Directors and draws salary. Robert Smith is named as the majority owner of Pala Interactive. There are shares of phantom stock that are being issued and no way of knowing who is getting them and benefiting from the increase in value of the company. Meanwhile PBMI funded the venture through the gross revenue of the Pala Casino yet there is no sharing of the profits with the Band members.

There was never any intent to share profits with the Band. Robert Smith did the whole deal in secret and only grudgingly told the General Council about the investment when it went public. He is still keeping all financial information about Pala Interactive secret from the Band.

It all adds up to Robert Smith using the gross revenue of the Casino to buy a company for himself, and then setting up the EC members to benefit as board members to keep them quiet about the deal. Here is something else you might not know. Robert Smith took out a $100 million dollar loan with Bank of America in 2011. He used the Casino revenue as collateral (it is an obligation backed by the future revenue of the Casino in financial terms) to obtain the loan. The loan agreement was reviewed by the NIGC to make sure it did not violate the IGRA or qualify as a management contract.

PBMI members are completely in the dark about the details of this so called investment. The Band will never get answers to questions about the deal. They can kiss their $100 million dollars goodbye. Of course what difference does it make? They didn't even know the money was there in the first place. Robert Smith hides all the financial information so he can rob the Band blind.

It's another Merry Christmas for him.

Anonymous said...

Is this true Theresa Villa!

Anonymous said...

Rnr I'm sure you already know this. But I've said it before and I'll say it again. You can't fix stupid. The band walks around like the characters in the walking dead and the only thing they understand is the fix of a per cap check. They are oblivious to the morons in charge and the ec counts on it! They know they are dumb fucks and that's why they rob them blind. It's amazing to me how dumb they really are. My 14 yr old son is smarter than that group. I've washed my hands of the incompetence that the general membership has shown. The only people that show any sign of a active brain cell are the ones who were banished for trying to make it right for the rest. And those dumb ass rob smith flunkies voted to rid them so they can continue to feed thier drug addictions and continue to walk around like zombies while rob walks around and spends thier money. What a tremendous waste of human flesh they ALL are.

Reinstatement_Restitution said...

The PBMI members might make different choices if they were informed of the options. Most of them don't seek out information and get spoon fed lies from Robert Smith. They can only blame themselves for what is coming next.

The Agua Caliente Tribe will not operate to harm PBMI, but we must protect our interests on the reservation. The coming year will bring changes. Be prepared.

Anonymous said...

Someone just needs to shoot that fat son of a bitch and end this already.
That's the only way this is going to the bullshit that is happening.

Anonymous said...

If only someone would have the balls to motion for an audit, I think that the EC would be charged with fraud and a number of other felony charges and they would be locked up for many years and the Tribe could try to recover from this outrage that has been done by Robert Smith and Theresa Nieto. This is option #1.Optiom #2 is stated by 2:20 PM above.
No other options are a remedy.

Anonymous said...

Are the britian 1/16ths eligible for enrollment in the agua caliente tribe?

Anonymous said...

@ 9:58 ABOVE
Why, don't you like Smith/Nieto Band of Luciseno River Indians?

Reinstatement_Restitution said...

The Aguayo v. Jewell appeal has oral hearings scheduled for Feb. 5th. Any decision issued on that appeal will affect all the Brittain descendants. You never know. The Court of Appeals might find that the BIA has an obligation to uphold the 1989 Final Decision. It is a possibility, and right now the BIA appears to be worried about the decision.

As far as enrollment in the Agua Caliente Tribe, the Tribe's policy is open enrollment. There is an enrollment application and interested persons should file an application in order to be considered. The application states the minimum eligibility requirements as well as the documentation that must be included with the application.

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