Friday, May 15, 2020

But Tribal Sovereignty?

County Vows To Fight Plans By Tribal Casinos To Reopen Next Week

Wednesday, May 13, 2020 By Amita Sharma KPBS


But county health officials aren’t happy with the plan and are asking the federal government to help keep the casinos closed.

”We want to make it perfectly clear that we do not agree with reopening casinos on May 18,” County Public Health Officer Dr. Wilma Wooten said. “We feel that the health officers’ order does extend to our tribal nations in this particular situation and we’re working with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to try to address this issue further.”

Casinos are owned by Native American tribes that are considered sovereign nations and are not subject to state and county laws.


Steinberg and others are especially concerned about seniors, who are some of the most avid casino patrons. He said he will tell his elderly patients to “stay the heck out of casinos.”

Barona and Pala casino operators say they’ve not made a decision yet on when to reopen

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I guess we'll find out just how sovereign tribes are soon.


Sycuan, Valley View Casinos Announce Reopening Dates


Reinstatement_Restitution said...

Sovereignty is permission to put people in danger with the protection of the federal government. Isn't that what disenrollment is all about? Also look at percentage of crimes per population. It is not a pretty picture and that says nothing about all the crimes that go unreported because certain leaders benefit from harming others.

Anonymous said...

Governor asks tribes to reconsider opening until it is safe. Falls on deaf ears. Tribes resoundingly say we don't care about the community, give us our welfare! CHA-CHING! And away we go! Willing to send desperate workers onto the front lines, but will they put themselves in the line of fire? Is this the return of the "small pox infected blanket," but in reverse? Stay tuned, more to come. See link for the story:

link to San Diego union Tribune story

Anonymous said...

Link to uniontribe story:

Anonymous said...

Chairman Smith's comment to the Gov. of Calif is:
I tell you what to do not you telling me what to do.

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