Thursday, June 8, 2017

Fake Casino Chips

Counterfeiting Suspect Told Deputies She Flew to China, Vietnam for Fake Casino Chips: Docs

A suspect in a San Diego County Sheriff's Department investigation told detectives she flew to China and Vietnam to get millions of dollars worth of fake casino chips and labels for local casinos.
Deputies arrested Lien Do, Hao Nguyen and Ben Ven Pham on Christmas Day last year, after a detective asked a judge for a search warrant for Pham and Do's Garden Grove home.

At the casino, Sheriff detectives found $300,000 worth of counterfeit chips in the suspects' car.
"It appears that what they were seeking to do was convert those chips into cash and to walk out the casino with the cash," said District Attorney Prosecutor Daniel Shim.
Detectives found casino player cards for Sycuan, Pala, Pechanga and Viejas.

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Anonymous said...

How much is Smiths cut on this one?

Anonymous said...

Do you mean the Counterfeit chairman at Pala?

Anonymous said...

I think that the FBI is not doing something right in the Pala case.
They should be targeting the GH and former GN's that worked at the Casino and put a hellish amount of pressure on them and see what comes out of their interviews.

Anonymous said...

sorry my bad.
I meant to say the GM's, general managers.

Anonymous said...

I just received the Pala news letter today in the mail and could not stop laughing.
The picture of robert smith (small letters for a small man)carrying the flag looks like he is pleading for help from anyone to help him.
And the story about Cindy Leal (non CUPA INDIAN)is another big joke.
She looks like an asshole that was just wiped with some soft toilet paper.

Anonymous said...

Did you see on Facebook where Kilma wants to bring back Jerry Turk? Didn't he leave with an SUV loaded with bags of cash? Kilma running for Chairman wants to fix everything. First thing to fix should be to revoke that ordinance that gives control of the Casino to the Pala Gaming Authority and control of the money to the EC. Give the power.back to the General Council. Until that happens the members will keep getting ripped off by the leaders, no matter who is elected.

Anonymous said...

I hope Kilma does run for Chairman against Robert and beats him.
No matter what Robert has to go before he cleans out the Tribe completely.
At least Kilma has the balls to run against Robert and I believe that Kilma would win by a landslide if the election is run legit.
I think Kilma is also smarter than people think and would expose the unruly EC by calling for an audit.
Go for it Kilma and help Pala to heal and get the corruption out of the Tribe.

Anonymous said...

I hope kilma runs. I think he is fair and does what is morally rite

Anonymous said...

Lol. You want Kilma instead of Robert. He is so fair and moral. He wants an audit? He is smarter than Robert, but so is Samsonite luggage.
Ask yourself, why is Kilma running against Robert? Does he really want to help Pala, or does he want to help himself to the money that has been Robert's piggy bank, (and I do mean piggy)?

All I can say is that the smart money is on Robert to fix another election, and that betting on Kilma is like betting on the old gray mare to beat Secretariat, (I know RS is no Secretariat, but I hope you get the simile).

I wonder who will be on the Election Committee...

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me? The only way kilma won't win is if Robert fixes the election. I would rather see kilma as chairman then Robert. Robert has been chairman to long. He has a god complex. Thinks he is untouchable. We need new blood in the chairman seat.

Anonymous said...

New blood, maybe. Kilma is phony. He was on the EC and pretends there was no wrongdoing. He got his share and won't talk about it. He could turn it around by telling the truth.

He's another sneaky liar. Perfect for a Pala chairman.

Anonymous said...

I respect your opinion, but I truly believe kilma was very disappointed in the ECs decision to disinroll. So much that he resigned from his position on the EC. I don't think there was anything kilma could do about it. The EC had already had there minds made up. It didn't matter if MB father walked up and smacked Robert in the face. No amount of proof was going to be good enough for them.

Anonymous said...

Kilma only cares about Kilma.

Kilma thinks he is smarter than he is because people behind the scenes tell him how wonderful he is in hopes that Kilma can take power and then help them continue making money for them. They don't give a shit about the tribe or tribal members, only their own pocket books.

Most likely Robert is grooming Kilma to run and take over so that Robert can move behind the scenes and avoid jail time. But the people behind Robert and Kilma are the ones who are in control and they really don't care about the people of Pala.

It's too bad the people of Pala are happy with Peanuts while their Chairman, Vice Chair, Treasurer, and other committee members live like Jet Set Billionaires.

Reinstatement_Restitution said...

I know Kilma resigned. He may even have resigned due to his disagreement with the disenrollments. We only have his word for that. I have problems taking him on his word because he still clings to the story that the EC did things legally when he was on the committee.

This is not possible. There have never been real financial statements provided to the General Council. The Enrollment Ordinance was specifically worded to give authority to the EC to disenroll. There was a focused effort to shift power from the GC to the EC while Kilma was in office. There was a $125 million dollar loan taken out for a $100 million dollar Casino renovation. This is just scratching the surface of truckload of corrupt actions the EC committed while Kilma was Secretary.

Now if he was really a smart guy like some of you think, then he knew what was going on and participated. If he is stupid and believes what Robert Smith tells him then he is like most Pala members. Either way it makes him unfit for office.

Anonymous said...

Kilma did not resign, his term expired. He would run for office to expose things like this: the PALA TRIBAL JUDGE who is licensed in DC. Mr. Edward Richard Roybal II was hired as "Judge" for the Pala Indian Tribe. However, Judges are normally elected and not hired by HR and collecting a paycheck by a boss (Robert Smith). EMPLOYEE ROYBAL (not a Judge) has increased his employee paycheck by concurrently becoming the Pala tribe's "in-house legal counsel", and also the policy adviser. So, Mr. Roybal II writes the law, argues the law, and then decides the law of the Pala tribe. As a judge, we believe he is knowingly taking advantage of the situation. The Tribe did not hire him, he was hired via HR by the tribal Chairman. He is currently serving at the whim of the Tribal Chairman. The Social Worker of Pala is equally corrupt and it's rumored she was sleeping with him. Edward Richard Roybal II, is picking and choosing based on what the Chairman of the Tribe tells him to do. The Chairman, The "Judge" and the Social Worker (with no accredited certificate in Social Work) have too much power over the people.

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