Wednesday, July 13, 2016

From the “Unknown” to the “Known”

By Anonymous Guest Blogger (AGB)

"Margarita’s blood quantum depends upon the identity and lineage of her father. The evidence on this issue is somewhat conflicting. For instance, a reconstructed version of the original membership roll lists Margarita as a full-blooded Pala Indian, but a copy with pen-and-ink edits changed her designation to one-half Pala Indian. Likewise, some records indicate that Margarita’s father was “unknown,” but available probate testimony from a proceeding in the 1920s suggests that her father was known, and that he was a full-blooded Pala Indian."

This footnote is from the recent Aguayo decision by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. Seems everyone wants to focus on the “UNKOWN” and completely ignore the knowns.

After being forced to research the various families of Pala, San Felipe, Agua Caliente, Puerta La Cruz, Mataguay, San Jose and Los Tules villages, many knowns are now truly known. Even though they are known they are completely ignored when dealing with the facts. 

We now know that Alejandro (Alexander) Barker was a “White” man. This is evidenced by the fact that he was able to vote and record deeds which Indians could not do this at that time. Maria Jesusa Hyde lists Barker as her father and that he was a White Man. This is a known. See Application 1194 of the California Indian Judgment Roll. 

Domingo Moro was a citizen Indian. That is a known. He homesteaded land adjacent to Warner Springs and gave up his rights as an Indian. This is further evidenced by the fact that he did not apply for nor did he receive a land allotment at Pala. Domingo Moro’s Homestead patent number is 25506 and can be viewed on the Bureau of Land Management website. Domingo Moro was not a Warner Ranch Evictee. He had 160 acres of land under his ownership and was either “Homeless”, “Landless” or a “Mission Indian without suitable lands elsewhere.”

We also learned that Nicholasa Lubo was not an Agua Caliente Indian and that she was from Cahuilla. See Application 1241* of the California Indian Judgment Roll. This is also a known fact. The fact that she was married to Domingo Moro made her a “Citizen Indian” as well and she and her children should have never been allotted lands at Pala. She was not a Warner Ranch Evictee because they had their own lands and there was no court order affecting them. The children of Domingo and Nicholasa Moro, Annie, Catherine, and Juan were not Warner Ranch Evictees either and therefore they were ineligible to receive land allotments at Pala. 

Sylverio Nolasquez is the long ignored “KNOWN”. He was a Mexican Indian. See Applications 1256, 1257, 1258, 1259, 1260, 1261 and 1263 of the California Indian Judgment Roll. He was not a Warner Ranch Evictee because he was not an Indian of California. He should have never been allotted land at Pala. 

Now for the big and I mean BIG surprise. Roscinda Nolasquez, see Application 1262 of the California Indian Judgment Roll, the great matriarch of truth and wisdom. The words of Roscinda are gospel and without deception. The words of Roscinda are golden and indisputable. That being said, please take a look at Application 1262 and you will see that she lists her father as Salvador Nolasquez, a Mexican Indian. The information is located on Page 3 at item 15. Now how about that for some real truth? 

It really does make sense since Salvador is listed as being born in 1861 and the next sibling is not born until 1872. It is not difficult to determine that Salvador himself was born in Mexico and that he came to Warner Springs with his father from Mexico. It has to be believable because the great one herself says that her father, Salvador Nolasquez, was a Mexican Indian.  

Another person of interest is Antonio Garra. No one seems to really know where he came from. He declared that he was from San Luis Rey and everyone assumed that he meant San Luis Rey Mission in San Diego County. It is more likely that he was from San Luis Rey, Mexico, and was a Yuma Indian and not Cupeño at all. His descendants always claimed that they were from Yuma. Antonio Garra was probably wrongfully accused, convicted and executed for what is known in history as the Garra Uprising. Yes he did complain about unjust taxes and the seizing of Indian cattle but the record shows that the persons involved in the uprising were from Mataguay and San Felipe. The record shows that there were no participants in the Garra Uprising from Agua Caliente. 

We cannot overlook Remijio Lugo. See Application 1211 of the California Indian Judgment Roll. He states that he was born at Sulphur Springs near Cahuilla. This of course is Cahuilla. He was married to Angelita Barker Lugo. See Application 1206 of the California Indian Judgment Roll. What is interesting is that her sister Mary Barker Calac states that she was from San Ysidro and Cahuilla. See Application 1140 of the California Indian Judgment Roll. Are you confused yet?

It is not that complicated. Remijio Lugo and Angelita Barker were living at Morongo/Malki and were not Warner Ranch Evictees. They should have not been allotted lands at Pala. The Lugos were originally from Puki and Pui and considered Cahuilla. The Lugos were the main participants in the Temecula Massacre. The Lugos were heir to more than 37,000 acres of land which was originally part of the Lugo Ranch near Yucaipa. Juan Antonio squandered away the land and left the Lugos “Homeless”. Even as Homeless Indians, this did not qualify them for re-settlement at Pala. The Lugos went to any Reservation they wanted with the blessing of the United States for a job well done. There is a strong record of favoritism towards the Lugos for their participation in the Temecula Massacre by the United States. 

So how do you sum this entire mess up?

1)  It is not that complicated. The descendants of Domingo Moro have no rights to Pala. 

2)  The descendants of Alejandro Barker need to decrease their Indian blood to match the fact that he was white man. 

3)  Sylverio Nolasquez was a Mexican Indian and his descendants need to decrease their Indian blood accordingly. 

4)  Roscinda Nolasquez, by her own sworn testimony, declares that her father, Salvador Nolasquez was a Mexican Indian. The descendants of Roscinda Nolasquez need to decrease their Indian blood accordingly. Roscinda Nolasquez’s descendants get the double whammy because her grandfather was also a Mexican Indian. That would make Roscinda Nolasquez ¼ Indian of California. Remember that this calculation is based on her testimony and acknowledgement. (Or do her descendants want it both ways now? What do you mean the California Indian Judgment Roll is inaccurate? Really!!!)

5)  Antonio Garra was from Yuma. His descendants should also decrease their degree of Indian blood accordingly.

6)  The Lugos were from Cahuilla and Yucaipa. They were never evicted from Warner Springs. They were living at Morongo/Malki and they should have never been allotted at Pala. 

After we examined all of the California Indian Judgment Roll it was learned that more than half of the applicants from Pala did not list who their parents were or the parents of their parents, in other words, “UNKNOWN”.

All of this means that almost no one from Pala would pass the Robert Smith smell test. He chose to use the 1928 California Indian Judgment Roll to determine the blood degree of Margarita Britten. He did this in violation of the PBMI Constitution which states that lineal descent is determined from heirs of original allottees of Pala. This simple constitutional section forbids Robert Smith from utilizing the 1928 California Indian Judgment Roll in determining eligibility for enrollment in PBMI. 

If you don’t understand what is being said here then here it is in a nutshell. Everything said here does not matter if the PBMI Constitution is followed. It does not matter who Alejandro Barker was or who a Lugo was or who a Nolasquez was. That is the reason the elders adopted those standards so as to protect everyone. 

Can the Genie be put back in the bottle? Yes it can but it is up to the people to do that. If the Genie is not put back in the bottle then future generations will rely upon the records of Robert Smith to disenfranchise, disenroll, humiliate and discredit your future if not present descendants. Robert Smith’s reign of terror will be coming to an end. It will end. Do you feel comfortable with the new standard he created? Is your family safe? No. Your family is not safe. No one knows what power shifts in leadership will occur. It is a gamble for everyone unless we go back to the rules and the intention of the elders to recognize everyone based on the 1895 and 1903 allotment rolls. Anything else is a violation of tribal law. Now that is a real “KNOWN”.

The Robert Smith Enrollment Ordinance must comply with the Constitution. That is tribal law. Tribal law requires that membership shall be determined from the 1895 and 1903 Allotment Rolls. You can look it up. His blatant disregard for the Constitution is grounds for removal from office and he should be. He had several opportunities to make changes to the constitution in cooperation with the people and with the advice of the BIA. He chose to reject “all of the above” and moved forward with his version of the constitution. His version included in his mind the right to determine membership. He is wrong but the people need to tell him he is wrong. It is time to do your homework and understand your own government and its powers. The power belongs to you the people. 

There has to be some humor in all this work. Is this Robert Smith at a Tanty party dressed in drag and just finishing off his personal stash? Is this photo from the vast collection of misdeeds of Robert Smith?

This woman is a Wappo Indian from Northern California. The Wappos were from Sonoma County. Remember that Adolpho Moro was from Sonoma County. Coincidence? I doubt it. There is just too much resemblance. No Warner Ranch Indian here. Indian blood degree should be adjusted accordingly.

“The BIA’s participation in the abuse of the membership at Pala should be investigated and the culpable parties should be prosecuted. They know who they are. We will get the evidence necessary to have them prosecuted. Yes we will. This is not over yet. This will be settled Indian Way and no court or lying BIA agent can protect Robert Smith forever.” Santa Clara Pueblo v. Martinez you dumb asses. You will learn what it really means. You will become “KNOWN”.


Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL, HAHAHA,silly pala peeps, the truth will set you free, or get you disenrolled, hahaha!

Anonymous said...

The paperwork is there, the written affidavits are there, so lets see these families prove us wrong, ha, they can't, Why is it only one family is singled out? It is because our family wanted good for the whole tribe, not just the EC, get it? We want goodness and happiness throughout the tribe with all our families, Robert and the EC want power and money for themselves. How many members have had problems with the EC, how many are denied certain rights, how many are pushed around, how many are scared, how many try to stay quiet to not make waves, how many have lost their lives because of the crap Robert has created?

Anonymous said...

So if we leave things the way they are now enrollment is up to whoever is on the EC and how they want to Interpit it? So if another group is in power on the EC in 2 years or so then they could go after another family and re-instate the Brittains? Is this ok with everyone in Pala? Is this why the elders made membership as 1/16th and up from an original allottee starting from the years listed? We should not look at anything else because if we do you see what happens every family in Pala can be questioned and disenrolled. Put things back the way they were and leave enrollment alone. I don't think it will happen with Robert because he would have to admit he was wrong and that will never happen. If it did I would be very surprised.

Anonymous said...

With the EC having the power to enroll and disenroll whoever they want no one is safe. Even Robert should be worried. No one lives forever. Someday someone else will be chairman. And what if the new chairman wants justice for the abuse Robert has inflicted on innocent members? What if the new chairman disenrolls Roberts family? The new chairman would have the power to do this. How many families would be caught in the crossfire? Robert should be thinking about the future struggle he is creating for his children and grand children. For the sake of all the tribal members, the brittians, and even for the sake of Robert and his children. Re enroll and do not allow the EC to have this kind of power. Close this door now. Before it comes back to bite us. Bring our Rez back together.

Anonymous said...

Can we at least wait until Leroy Miranda and Cindy Leal are disenrolled before going back to the way it was.

Anonymous said...

Put enrollment back the way it was and make it so tribal members won't ever have to worry about their enrollment now and in the future for their kids and grandkids enrollment. Families don't forget. Let's fix this and end it now so it doesn't continue or repeat itself in the future. The way it is now no member's enrollment is gaurenteed now or years from now. Is this the way you want it to be? I know a lot of members don't care because they are cracked out and just worry about their check and fix but for the ones who do let it be known. Robert wants all of us on drugs only caring about the check and not paying attention to what he is doing with our tribe and money. He doesn't want us attending meetings and voting or asking questions. That's why he has done so much to scare us into not doing these things and letting him get away with anything.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm! Interesting. Does this mean that the Lavatos are really Mexipinos?

Anonymous said...

Talk about quiet. You can hear pins drop in Pala. Amazing what truth can do.

Anonymous said...

where is that big mouth Cindy Leal.

Anonymous said...

Mel.tell the truth about cindy,arnt you a holy man ? your going to stand before God you and your family.What are you going to say.How about your sister that has a church,and pays people to come to church,i have never seen anyone as evil,her and Doots,you can see the devil in them.Mel. think about what you and your Grandmother caused,in Pala,you hurt a lot of people.

Reinstatement_Restitution said...

Does anyone ever come clean about the wrongdoings at Pala? These pleas to Kilma Lattin, Mel Lovato, or [insert name here] fall on stony ground. There is no justice. No one cares about the damage they do. Murders go unpunished. Innocent people are evicted for crimes they never did. Pala Security thinks its job is to protect the criminals from the good people.

This articles tells the truth about family blood lines and how unfair the Pala EC is in applying the enrollment eligibility requirements. The way it works is that Robert Smith has removed a large voting block that did not support him. They didn't support him because King Freeman and Willie Pink revealed the corruption of the Pala EC. There is over $1.2 billion dollars missing. It has been stolen and squandered by the Chairman.

We tried to remove the Pala EC. They held a sham meeting with people no one ever saw before and voted to remove the Interim EC's right to participate in tribal government. Since then the EC has enrolled more people to support them. These new members don't need PBMI blood. They just have to swear loyalty to Robert Smith.

What do you think is going to happen next? Is something good going to come out of all this badness? Probably not. I predict misfortune and hardship for a lot of people. Just call it payback for giving up on the legacy and heritage of the people so they can get a check.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

That's how smith gets votes he enrolled people that are only loyal to him because they owe him their enrollment. Pala is not all about blood and lineage for enrollment it's about supporting smith or keeping your mouth shut and he won't take away your right to vote, attend meetings, run for office, suspend your per capita or worst of all disenroll you. He has done all these things to tribal members and continues to do them if anybody dares to go against him and oppose his un-questioned rule. (Meaning don't aske questions and you won't be bothered)

Anonymous said...

@ 4:51 PM
We all know that this is true and that's why I say that the only way to get them out is NOT by VOTING, but ????????You know what I am saying ?????????????????.

Anonymous said...

@ 4:51 PM
We all know that this is true and that's why I say that the only way to get them out is NOT by VOTING, but ????????You know what I am saying ?????????????????.

Anonymous said...

Hey you are right about that photo looking like RS.
In fact didn't he ware that dress to the last Tribal Meeting.

Anonymous said...

@ 4:03 AM
I don't remember, it's been so long that we have had a Tribal Meeting
I can't remember that far back.

Anonymous said...

We should kick Mel. out of Pala,for starting all this problems,we cant do nothing to his grandmother,shes already gone.Mel. how do you sleep at night,or how do you feel when you see people,that you hurt,took everything they had.Carma is coming to you and your family soon,unless you fix this problem,so God can forgive you,read the Lords Prayer Mel.

Anonymous said...

How can Mel,even sit in church,where ever he goes,knowing what he and his grandmother,has done .Mels whole family,are evil Donnas,own kids hate her,so does her grandkids,and she runs a church,what a shame.

Anonymous said...

Robert didn't ware the same dress this time at the meeting, but he still talked the same old bullshit as before.

Anonymous said...

some one needs to write a book,about Mel.and his grandmother,who was full of shit,for what she has done,to the true cupa the truth about her,on Pechanga blog.

Unknown said...

Hahahahaha thanks for a good laugh no we are not!!

Anonymous said...

Its time £