Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Cupeno Removal - Part 4

Part 4 on the Cupeno Removal by Jeff Smith at the San Diego Reader is out.

Here is a link to the article:

At a certain point, the Cupeño stopped looking back. 10 This land is mine: The Cupeño removal of 1903, part four of four by Jeff Smith

Here is an excerpt:

During the meal, Inspector Jenkins’s head count totaled 97. Manuella Sibimoat was missing. When a Union reporter asked why the old woman would flee, Isabella Owlinguish said that when she and Manuella were young, they were held prisoners at Pala. “It was a revolting story,” wrote the reporter, “like a tale out of the middle ages.”

After she spoke, Isabella “threw off her shawl and shouted ‘see!’ and showed great calloused marks on her thin shoulders. ‘These we had to keep fresh our memories of Pala mission! What we suffered there how many years ago I cannot say, fifty, sixty, maybe more. Bearfoot could not forget. She would not look again upon that place… Does the white man think it strange that we did not want to come?’”

Full Article:

At a certain point, the Cupeño stopped looking back. 10 This land is mine: The Cupeño removal of 1903, part four of four by Jeff Smith


Anonymous said...

Wow, no one is saying to much. Something must be brewing

Anonymous said...

Has the ninth circuit court made a decision yet?

Anonymous said...

Everyone is quiet because they don't want roberts (lower case r) he doesn't deserve the respect of a capital, roberts attention on them so he can throw a fit and punish them by one of the many ways he has done so far to other members: take away: percap, voting rights, ability to run for office or attend meetings, banishment, eviction and the worst of all disenrollment. He has done all of those things to tribal members. He he a leader or a dictator? Why would a leader need to punish the people with these things? Keep them in line and keep them quiet? Most people know about his fits he throws when he's angry. What a great example of a man and tribal leader hahaha honorable that's SOOO laughable. Is everyone ready to mob the admin and take over? It's a tribal matter the tribe is acting and they will act with force against oppressive leaders that steal the people's money.

Reinstatement_Restitution said...

There is no decision from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals yet. It is possible that the Court is waiting until after the election because the Supreme Court is short one jurist, and they want to make a decision that will go to the Supreme Court. So kind of the Court to delay while each day brings more evil to the disenrollees.

If you want news about PBMI it is all about criminal actions, the failure of the EC to protect tribal members, the continuing theft of tribal funds, and the desire of the EC to prevent anyone from challenging their power and authority. That's not news; it's just the status quo.

Anonymous said...

@ 2:27 PM
Yes lets storm the Admin.
Maybe we can even get help from the Gangs that RS has accused of coming to Pala and committing these inside crimes by RS.

Anonymous said...

how could the pala E.C. remove people from 2011 and 2012,when p.b.m.i. was not a legal tribe until,2016.