Saturday, April 23, 2016

New Jersey Internet Gambling Up 28%

Internet Gambling in New Jersey where Pala Interactive operates is up 28% in the first quarter of 2016.  Per Cap Increase all around for PBMI members coming soon?

Popularity of internet gambling in New Jersey growing, analysts say Read More: Internet gambling in New Jersey grows by 28 percent, analysts say

Figures from the state Division of Gaming Enforcement show an almost 28 percent increase in web gaming, versus the first quarter of last year. Web gambling revenue in the state went from $35.1 million in the first quarter of 2015 to $44.9 million in this year’s first quarter.

Publisher Roger Gros, of Global Gaming Business Magazine says “there is a bright future ahead in ‘I-gaming’ in New Jersey.”

Gros says online gaming is going to continue to grow, it is becoming more popular, people are understanding how it works, and a lot of the glitches that were there early on in terms of payment processing and geo location have been fixed.

Read More Here->Popularity of internet gambling in New Jersey growing, analysts say Read More: Internet gambling in New Jersey grows by 28 percent, analysts say 

Also: – New Jersey's first fully dedicated real-money 90 Ball Online Bingo website – has named TV personality, entrepreneur, author and chef Kathy Wakile as its official brand ambassador. Best known for her role on Bravo TV's "The Real Housewives of New Jersey," Wakile said the dynamic sense of camaraderie and community built around the excitement of bingo were among the reasons behind her decision to team with Pala Interactive on the launch of

Wakile recalls a trip to Italy she took with her family. "We traveled to Italy a few years ago and right out in the open air piazza everyone was playing a game similar to bingo, calling out numbers, laughing, having fun and simply interacting and enjoying each other's company. I remember thinking what a great sense of community that was, and has created that same type of atmosphere," she said.


Anonymous said...

It can go up 99% doesn't matter to the Pala members they do not profit from it or have anything to do with it. I don't recall Pala Internet gaming being discussed in any meeting? Do you? It is solely for the benefit of certain council members and their partners.Come on Pala lets get it together we are being robbed blind and being played for fools!! 1 or 2 voices are not enough we need to stand together to put a stop to this. I know everyone is afraid to stand up to the EC and get the attention in them and end up losing your percap or rights. We need to take black our tribe stop being afraid what kind of warriors are we. Are we bought off or scared into silence so easily??

Anonymous said...

Pala interactive isn't the only online site in Jersey, they need to make a lot of money to recoup their HUGE investment.

Reinstatement_Restitution said...

Let me tell you the way it really is with Pala Interactive. Robert Smith used the Pala Casino to guarantee a loan. With the loan he entered into a joint venture for $70 million. He got 62.5 percent ownership of the software development for online gaming.

Then they formed Pala Interactive to develop, commercialize, and operate a gaming technology platform. The funding is all provided by PBMI. The initial $70 million established the percentages of ownership, but there were no obligations of the other partner for funding. The total costs of the start-up of Pala Interactive are unknown except to the Board of Directors. PBMI paid for the technology development, licensing, payroll for officers and employees, legal fees, website development, marketing, and ancillary costs. Estimated price tag somewhere around $150 million.

The idea of Pala Interactive is not to recoup the huge investment. It is specifically designed to enrich the shareholders of phantom stock. There is nothing in the Memorandum of Agreement to insure that PBMI will receive a return on its investment. Any return on investment will go to the shareholders, and PBMI does not have any shares of the company it funded. Robert Smith holds 62.5 percent so he gets most of the money if there is a profit.

The members of the Board of Directors participate in phantom stock distribution. That means Robert Smith, Theresa Nieto, and Howard Maxcy get phantom shares of stock in Pala Interactive depending on the distribution plan that was adopted. In the end PBMI gets nothing after funding Pala Interactive to the tune of $150 million plus. Robert Smith gets 62.5 percent of the value of the company, phantom stock, a Chairman of the Board salary, and revenue sharing, even of licensing fees for the gaming software the company developed.

The other interesting aspect of Pala Interactive is that now is hosting online gaming for New Jersey customers. The revenue generated by is not regulated by the NIGC, so you can guess who gets the profits.

So there will be no recoup of investment. All of the money has flown the coop. In a few years Robert Smith can sell his interest in the company and take the cash. If the company does start to break even or show a profit then Robert Smith share could be valued at $70 million or more. Not a bad take for money he stole from the Band.

Anonymous said...

Since Robert doesn't allow us to put things on the agenda that need to be discussed, the general council should have there own meeting of issues that they are concerned about. I really believe Robert is stealing from the tribe and I want something done about it.

Reinstatement_Restitution said...

If you are trying to organize a General Council meeting without the EC be prepared to have a strong backlash. Last time that was tried the Pala EC organized a retaliatory meeting, got lots of people to show up, and then voted to restrict the rights of the Interim Executive Committee. Now those eleven people are not allowed to attend meetings, vote, or to hold office.

If you can get enough people together for a meeting without the Pala EC, why not try to get enough people who will support a motion to discuss something of importance at a regular meeting? You will probably need about 60 to 70 people, and you have to be ready to shout down Robert Smith and his supporters when he says its not on the agenda. In fact you might have to be ready to have him and the rest of the EC removed from the meeting if they refuse to allow a motion to discuss that has been seconded.

Get a copy of Robert's Rules of Order or look it up on the internet. The procedure for meetings is explained in there. Any member at a meeting can submit a motion to discuss a matter that is not on the agenda as long as the motion is seconded. There is no rule that says the only topics that can be discussed at a meeting are the ones on the agenda. That is something that Robert Smith made up and has gotten away with.

Now if you need proof that money is being stolen by Robert Smith you already have it. I just gave it to you. Go to, click on Casino, and then click on Online Gaming. There you can see PalaCasino and PalaPoker for New Jersey gamblers. The money that comes from online gaming is not regulated by the NIGC. That means it is not reported on the audited Casino financial statements that are submitted to the NIGC.

So who gets the money when online gamblers lose? It goes to Pala Interactive and Robert Smith is the majority owner of Pala Interactive.

Is Robert Smith authorized as the Chairman of PBMI to take money from online gaming? It is not authorized in the Pala Gaming Ordinance or the Pala Gaming Authority Ordinance. There has never been any Ordinance passed by the General Council regarding online gaming.

Robert Smith will say the GC authorized the Pala EC to make financial decisions and they have the authority to enter into contracts on behalf of PBMI. However, that is only true if PBMI is the beneficial party in those contracts. Unless PBMI is a named party in the contract, and PBMI has ownership interest, and if PBMI participates in the profits then the contract is not authorized.

I bet you that Robert Smith will never let any Pala members see the Pala Interactive contract. No Pala member will see how much money the Band's invested. No one will see who gets the return on investment.

That because Robert Smith gets all the money. Just the act of concealing the contract from the General Council is grounds for removal from office. Will Pala members get together, go to the next meeting in force and discuss Pala Interactive, with or without Robert Smith's participation?

The General Council can elect a temporary Chair to run a meeting if Robert Smith is removed. The GC can swear out a complaint and have him arrested on embezzlement charges. It is easy to prove. The money to fund Pala Interactive was stolen. That is a minimum $70 million dollars that is gone, and Robert Smith got 62.5 percent ownership of Pala Interactive. The Band can press charges anytime.

The General Council has to press the charges. No individual Indian can press charges against Robert Smith. It will not be easy to do, but if you want change you have to do the hard things and stand up to the corruption.

Anonymous said...

may 14 meeting,Robert had people pass something no one new about,if they wanted to look at what was passed,they could come up and read it after it was passed.

Anonymous said...

Robert lets his brother ,get electric hook up,water,in his name for a nonmember.

Reinstatement_Restitution said...

Are you saying that the Pala GC had to vote on something sight unseen? Yes or No to something that was not announced and that was not presented to the members? That is hilarious! Did people actually vote?

At this point the GC should just tell Robert that anything he wants is okay with them and that they really appreciate not knowing what is going on with their own Band. They should throw him a party where each member must kiss his ass, tell him how much they love his donkey breath, and ask him to take their children for sexual favors. It is time to share love with the Dictator of Pala!