Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Pala Online Poker In The News

Pala Interactive and Online Poker in California in the news.

Pala Band of Mission Indians Continues to Support Assemblyman Gray's AB 2863 Internet Poker Legislation

pokernews.com - Nevada, New Jersey Welcome Former Ultimate Bet Brass

Borgata, which uses bwin.party as its online poker operator in New Jersey, is making the switch to Pala Interactive, Martyn Hannah of eGR North America reported — note the linked article is behind a paywall. Pala's Chief Executive Officer is Jim Ryan, who also served as CEO of UB's parent company, Exscapa. The switch will reportedly be made "by the end of the second quarter."

Borgata operates the leading online poker room in New Jersey, totaling more than $31 million in revenue since launch and leading second-place Caesar's in each calendar month of 2015.

As such, bwin.party reps are apparently not conceding the lucrative Borgata contract. Hannah quoted one rep as saying there has been "no change" in the company's relationship with Borgata as parent company GVC Holdings awaits licensing in the state. The popular casino has used bwin.party as its online poker provider since launching.

Ryan claims to have left his role as CEO in 2006, before the infamous superuser scandal at UB broke, at which point he said he was acting as merely a court-appointed inspector.
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PokerFuse - GAN Deal Raises Doubts over Borgata/Partypoker Partnership

The Borgata and its free-play online casino partner GAN have extended their deal to cover real-money online gaming. The deal has led to suggestions that the Borgata/Partypoker partnership in New Jersey may be coming to an end.

GAN will power the online casino platform with Pala Interactive providing online poker, according to a report in eGaming Review.

Read Full Article Here-->PokerFuse - GAN Deal Raises Doubts over Borgata/Partypoker Partnership

parttimepoker.com - New Jersey DGE January 2016 Gaming Results

The Borgata and Party Poker including Pala Entertainment combination continued as the leading revenue producing I-Gaming site(s) in New Jersey with a 31.2% share (First in poker and casino games). Caesar’s Interactive (CIE) held second place with 22.0% (Second in poker, fourth in casino games).

Read Full Article Here-->parttimepoker.com - New Jersey DGE January 2016 Gaming Results


Anonymous said...

Sounds like some share holders are making a return. Who could that be making all that revenue

Reinstatement_Restitution said...

Could it be Robert Smith who own 62.7% of the stock? Pala Interactive is owned by the PBMI according to its official website. Some might think this is a contradiction. How can the PBMI own Pala Interactive when Chairman Smith is majority shareholder? Haven't you heard of Indian Accounting? That is where the Tribal Leaders consider financial information to be confidential and only the leaders "need to know" what is going on with the money. Financial results from Pala Interactive are mysteriously omitted from the financial statement provided to the PBMI General Council. That is because the General Council doesn't need to know what is going on with Pala Interactive. All they need to know is that they will never see any of the money.

Kiss that $100+ million goodbye.

Anonymous said...

Alright who's gonna be the ne to bring it up at the next meeting or at least back the person that does don't take Rob or Theresa excuse of an answer it's not on the agenda. Get a back bone it's your money not theirs!

Anonymous said...

Why would you allow him to get away with this? The tribes money was used..NOT HIS. ...yet you,all sit back and allow this? How is this even legal? It should be the tribe is the majority share holder. Someone needs to call a forensic audit AND FAST,!!...

Reinstatement_Restitution said...

Hey folks, the General Council approved the Pala Gaming Authority Ordinance. The resolution said that the General Council is aware that enactment of the ordinance might require assignment of the Casino to the Gaming Authority. That was the green light for Robert Smith to declare that the Pala EC is the Management Board of the Pala Gaming Authority and can assume management and ownership of the Casino if necessary.

Of course it became necessary right after the approval of the ordinance by the NIGC and PBMI bought out the Anchor Gaming Management Contract. That left the Pala EC as the owners and operators of the Casino. They use the gross revenue of the Casino as their toy. They can take out loans based on the future revenue of the Casino. They can sell debt and obligations of the Casino. It is all legal except for the part about elected tribal officers having an interest in or managing a licensed gaming establishment. That part is against the IGRA.

Everyone believed Robert Smith's lies and now he has total control over the gross revenue of the Casino. That is where the financial backing of Pala Interactive comes from. All the profits and stock of Pala Interactive belongs to the Pala Gaming Authority which is the Pala EC and basically all Robert Smith.

Good luck trying to argue it at the meeting. You would have to convince members to read the Pala Gaming Authority Ordinance and to see where it says these things. All most of them can read is the numbers on their per-capita check if even that.

Anonymous said...

The above comment is FACT pala people. HahahaHA, Robert owns the casino, along with the rest of the E.C.of course. But all but nieto are too dumb to know it because they would never understand what they are reading if they were even allowed 5o see it. Why can't you get a accurate financial report?, it's because casino earnings are none of p.b.m.i. members business. The ordinance gives ownership of the casino to Smith & Nieto the earnings are nobody's business but theirs.financial reports make sense now? HAHAHAHA

Anonymous said...

True and while the members per-capita is being decreased again, the EC and especially Robert are making millions. But you got your huge bonus! Remember when someone tells you something that does not seem right, to verify the information. This is the general council's tribe, not Robert's. He has managed to steal millions from you and the tribe. He might as well change the name to Robert's Casino and Robert's Reservation.

Anonymous said...

Quote from former BIA employee: The BIA’s the most screwed-up agency in the world; they’re worthless,” he said. “A lot of these disputes revolve around who is and who isn’t a member, and they rage on because the BIA refuses to deal with it. You see all these disenrollments in Alturas, Redding and half a dozen California tribes – and they’re all casino tribes.”

Read more here: http://www.sacbee.com/news/local/article19563546.html#storylink=cpy

Words have never rang more true. This is why corrupt leaders like Robert Smith and Maccarro disenroll because they know they can get away with it.

Anonymous said...

Then why doesn't IGRA do something about it if it's illegal?

Anonymous said...

A bag.of.cash works wonders

Reinstatement_Restitution said...

Someone has to notify the NIGC of potential IGRA violations and request an investigation. NIGC has enforcement authority and duty for the IGRA. The approval of the Pala Gaming Authority Ordinance was a very shady deal.

PBMI had a management contract with Anchor Gaming. According to the terms of the contract the PBMI had to create a Gaming Authority. Robert Smith presented the Gaming Authority as a required governmental entity in order to obtain financing for the construction of the Casino. The General Council approved the Gaming Authority Ordinance and it was submitted to the NIGC for approval.

Since it was submitted as a Gaming Ordinance, the standard of review used by the NIGC did not require them to check and see if the Pala EC was involved, so the NIGC approved the Ordinance. The Resolution submitted by the Pala EC says the General Council was aware that it might require assignment of the Casino to the Gaming Authority in order to obtain financing.

The whole thing sounds fishy to me. Did the General Council really approve the resolution, or did they approve the Ordinance? And did they see the Ordinance before they approved it? I believe that Robert Smith told the GC that the EC needed authority to move quickly to obtain financing for the Casino and the GC approved the resolution because that is what Robert said the Band needed.

After the meeting and the vote the Tribal Secretary prepared the resolution. The resolution included a "whereas" clause that says the GC is aware that it might be required to assign the Casino to the Gaming Authority. The GC never approved this resolution; they approved the Ordinance. It is not the same thing obviously.

Then after the vote the Ordinance was revised to say that the Pala Gaming Authority has responsibility for the operation and ownership of the Casino. The General Council did not know about this. The General Council never reviews the versions of Ordinance that are submitted to regulatory agencies.

These days the GC doesn't even see any of the business the EC conducts with external agencies. As long as people get their checks they don't care about the relationship of the Band with government agencies. That is how a peaceful takeover happens. It happens a little bit at a time until one day the EC has everything and the Band doesn't even know where it stands. The General Council doesn't know how much money the Band makes, or has, or what their assets are, how much they cost, or whose name is on the title.

They don't know that they are spending millions on lobbying, on contributions to political funds, to purchasing influence with decision makers, erasing criminal records of offenders that the EC is protecting, use of private jets, transfers of tribal funds to offshore accounts, ventures in online gaming, software licensing, and real estate.

The Band has no idea that the Casino generates huge amounts of revenue that are unaccounted for. There is a first skim of all the table stakes. That cash is cut right off the top. Then there is the gross revenue that the Chairman gets to use anyway he wants to as long as the monthly payment is made to the Band. There are loans, debts and obligations, and all of this happens without anyone in the General Council knowing a thing about it.

The Pala Band of know nothings is getting poorer while the Chairman laughs at the dummies. There are fools, the foolish, and then there are PBMI members. At least you get a check, but that is not a sure thing. Robert Smith could declare the Band bankrupt and take it all. What's to stop him? He claims to be sovereign and no one in the Band does anything about anything.

Anonymous said...

Do the tribal house payments go by income?

Anonymous said...

I just read this on an earlier post: "Pala E.C. kicked Bernie Trujillo,Duro,out of her house,2/25/2016.Bernie is a sick lady,65 years old.Howard,Nieto brought it to a vote." If this is true the EC are the most ruthless cruel hateful people. Look out Pala they are coming for you. Come on Howard Sr do something about your kid, thought you were supposed to be an honorable elder, but if you stand by and watch these heinous crimes happen against the people by your son and the EC, then you are not honorable. This is just atrocious. She was born Pala has always been Pala, May our ancestors strike out at the EC for the horrible way they are running the tribe and treating the people. Kick out Robert's daughter, not Bernie.

Anonymous said...

Very sad news, if this is true, then I pray God hears the prayers of the many people who have suffered at the hands of these cruel, heartless people. Unfortunately, Casino welfare has turned peoples hearts cold and it will be just another notch in the belt buckle for the heartless e.c. They are so detached from reality, I dont think they have the capacity to understand the human suffering that they have caused to so many. Stay strong Bernie, you can make it through this period of darkness, it's tough to be treated as less than dirt but so many of the people have made it through, you can too. Case in point, they see no problem evicting the harmless for made up charges, but they will defend their trash to the end. It's obvious, some lives matter to the EC, and some don't. Until they repent for their evil crimes against humanity, there will be no forgiveness from God, certainly not from me. I hope this news is not true, but in Pala, evil is winning.

Anonymous said...

She was "kicked out" of a tribal home because she allowed a heroine dealer to live their and he wasaid selling that shit on the rez. Fuck heroin.

Anonymous said...

Smith dont like no heroin dealing cutting in on his meth empire.

Anonymous said...

@ 8:08PM
Your so called facts all wrong.
One of her Daughters was dating a man from Vista.
This so called man was wanted on an arrest warrant for sales of Drugs.
How was anyone to if this guy was selling or dealing in the first place.
What was Bernie supposed to do? Take a blood test of everyone that dates one of her kids. Or due a background check?
Robert Smith should know how hard it is to control the things that your Daughters do.
But either way, there is no due process in Pala, and the BIA are such assholes, that they say they can't get involved with Tribal issues.
So Robert and his EC continue on the path of Tribal abuse and they get away with it.
There is not a day that goes by that I wait for news that he and Nieto had a fatal accident or a heart attack and fell over asking for help.
This is not what our people are about.
Shit didn't the EC approve knocking Andrews house down and build him a new one after he was raided by the FBI.
But because someone has a warrant out for them and they are caught at your home, the EC takes your home and nothing can be done.
This is bullshit and the EC knows it.
She was never late , not one time on her house payment.
This is not a reason to take her house after living on the property for over 30 years. And she is sick and disabled.
So now Nieto and Howard Maxcey that it upon them self to make her homeless on her own Reservation.

Anonymous said...

This is not over. Wait until the TV news and the news papers get a hold of this information.
It will happen very soon.
There is nothing in the sheriffs dept about any drug sales from this home.

Reinstatement_Restitution said...

And even if someone in the house was selling drugs, it was the person selling the drugs who committed the crime, not the homeowner. It is just another example of Pala justice.

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

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