Monday, February 8, 2016

BIA and Bags of Cash

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Reinstatement_Restitution said...

This is how its done in federal government. If there is an investigation they will take five years. spend a few million dollars, and all will be cleared of any wrongdoing. The BIA is a federal agency and its employees must not knowingly violate federal law. Yet we have numerous examples of just such violations. The problem is that the BIA claims these are discretionary decisions, meaning it is open to interpretation, and that the employees of the BIA are educated and trained in making these interpretations and so their decisions are deserving of deference.

The first attorney that challenges this practice of giving deference to lying BIA employees and proves they should not be entitled to deference with evidence of their lies will be a hero. So far the BIA employees are protected by the APA. They always claim they are acting in their official capacity, and they only have to prove their decisions are reasonable.

So what is reasonable about making a historic tribe out of a created association of groups without requiring any evidence? It definitely is a corrupt turn of events.