Friday, September 18, 2015

Pala Interactive Launches Cell Phone App - Business Up 25%

Pala Interactive launched a cell phone app so players in New Jersey can play poker on their cell phones.  Looks like the $70 million to $100 Million dollar investment PBMI members made into Pala Interactive might be starting to pay off.  Rumor has it there could be a  bonus from online poker to PBMI members toward the end of this year or early next year.  For that kind of investment into a venture one typically looks for a 20% return on investment within 3 to 5 years.  Of course nothing is guaranteed and so far there appears to be no hope for California Online Poker in 2015.

Press Release:

Pala Casino launches iOS app in New Jersey


17 September 2015

Just after Labor Day, Pala Casino quietly rolled out an iOS app, allowing people located within New Jersey to play its online casino games on their iPhone or iPad. Even Pala Interactive CEO Jim Ryan was surprised by how quickly players adopted it.

"We haven't marketed it in any meaningful way up until today, and our business is up 25%," said Ryan.

Read Full Press Release Here-->Pala Casino launches iOS app in New Jersey


Anonymous said...

What do you bet that the tribe will never see a penny profit? Maybe the "Chairman" will see a profit, but the regular people probably not.

Anonymous said...

I hope you like surprises Mr. Smith, because you are going to get one in a short time frame. Would you like a hint?
OK, you have the right to Re?????????????????????????????.The federal system doesn't have any wife visits over night.

Anonymous said...

25% up over what? Has there been any published info on gaming performance for Pala Interactive? Maybe he means 25% over nothing since the app is new and has not been marketed.

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