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I am reposting a link here to something I posted nearly 2 years ago.  It contains many documents so I am not going to post it all here again.  You can click the link and go read if you are wanting more information.  I'll post few excerpts here as a preview.

LasCal, Robert Smith, Jerry Turk, Paula Lorenzo, Arlen Opper, and George Maloof

After the plans were revealed to develop a huge Las Vegas style casino at San Pablo there was a State wide backlash.  This ultimately lead to the Lytton Band of Pomo Indians dropping the plans and instead they installed Class II Bingo Like slot machines.  You may recall that earlier I wrote about the development funded by Pala to create a Video Lottery Terminal Slot Machine.

Turns out that in the early days Pala was an investor in the San Pablo Casino:

"At that time, the tribe of about 50 members teamed up with LasCal Development Corp. a
California-based development company owned by Jerry Turk. The partnership also includes the Maloof family, owners of the Palms, and California-based tribes the Rumsey Band of Wintun Indians, and the Pala Band of Mission Indians. The Paiute Tribe also has retained Las Vegas-based Construction Consultants Inc." 

From here we need to go back and revisit the lawsuit filed by RUMSEY INDIAN RANCHERIA OF WINTUN INDIANS vs Howard Dickstein.

Here are some excerpts:

Contemporaneous with the restructuring of the Tribe's investment in the Lytton Band's casino project, the Tribe invested in LASCAL Land Development, LLC ("LASCAL") an entity seeking to develop land in Nevada, belonging to the Las Vegas Paiute Tribe.

The members of LASCAL nearly mirrored those in CIGD and CIGM, including the Tribe (through RMG), the Pala Management Group, the Maloof family, Opper Development, LLC and Turk Paiute, L.P., an entity controlled by Turk, the Pala Band's business manager.

Dickstein, Zerbi and Dickstein & Zerbi also represented the Pala Band in the LASCAL transaction. Dickstein, Zerbi and Dickstein & Zerbi did not disclose to the Tribe their conflict of interest in simultaneously representing multiple parties in the transaction or explain the potential and adverse significance of this conflicted representation. They also never sought or obtained the Tribe's consent and waiver of any conflict of interest in connection with representing both tribal clients in LASCAL.

Is Pala receiving its share of the profits from the San Pablo Casino?

See this article:

San Pablo Casino Pits City v. City, Gambler v. Gambler By RICHARD BRENNEMAN


Some of the supporters of the San Pablo proposal belong to the Maloof family of Sacramento and Las Vegas, owners of the Sacramento Kings NBA team and of the Palms Casino in Las Vegas. The Maloofs reportedly raised $2 million for Schwarzenegger’s successful gubernatorial run, and it was Schwarzenegger who signed a pact with the Lytton Tribe to build the San Pablo casino.

The Maloofs are partners with three other entities that have signed on to manage the reincarnated Casino San Pablo, two casino operating tribes—the Rumsey Band of Wintun Indians which owns and operates the Cache Creek Casino in Yolo County and the Pala Band of Mission Indians—and former Las Vegas casino owner Jerry Turk, who manages the Pala’s casino in San Diego County.

In exchange for running Casino San Pablo, the four managing partners will receive a quarter of the net profit.  (emph added)


Again, these are just excerpts from my previous post LasCal, Robert Smith, Jerry Turk, Paula Lorenzo, Arlen Opper, and George Maloof.  Go the post if you want more reading and to view the documents.

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